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Leading Sensors Directory & Guide

North America

  • Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of Pressure Sensors, Tactile Sensor & Other Pressure Measurement Devices & Allied Products

  • Loadstar Sensors - Manufacturer & Supplier of Capacitive Load Cells, Digital Loadcell & Other Load Cell Solutions

  • American Sensor Technologies, Inc - Manufacturer of Pressure Sensors & Transmitters, Pressure Transducers & Associated Products

  • Industrial Vision Components - Supplier of Industrial Machine Vision Components Such As Vision Sensors, Line Scan Sensors & Allied Products

  • Automation Service - Remanufacturing & Repairing Process Controls, Transmitters and Other Instrumentation

  • Radius Actuators & Accessories - Supplier of Valve Actuators, Positioners & Limit Switches With Optional Pilot Solenoids.

  • Pmclonestar - Ohio-based Manufacturer of High Quality Gages, Metrology Equipment & Instruments

  • BlueRadios, Inc. - Manufacturer of Wireless Temperature Sensors & Modules, Bluetooth Temperature Sensors & Module...

  • LumaSense Technologies - Supplier of Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors and Optical Thermometry Solutions

  • Dow Gage - Design & Manufactures Dow-Gages For The Shop Floor Such As In Process Inspection & Precision Machined Parts

  • Photovac Inc. - Manufacturer of Hand-Held Instruments, Flame Ionization Detectors & Photoionization Detectors

  • Industrial Scientific Corporation - Designer & Manufacturer of Gas Monitoring Systems, Gas Detectors, Instrumentation & Allied Products

  • Mohr and Associates, Inc - Specializing In Innovative Process Instrumentation & Materials, Test Technologies & Liquid Sensor...

  • ImboTec Group - Supplier of Process Controls Such As Online Moisture & Color Sensors

  • Quality Inspection & Gage, Inc. - Designer & Manufacturer of Custom Gages & Fixtures

  • BB Automacao - Distributor of Hall Effect Sensors, & Elements, Voltage Sensors & Other Products

  • Triad Technologies, Inc - Designer and Manufacturer of Gages, Including Fixture, Functional, Variable & Plug Gages

  • SURE FLOW PRODUCTS, LLC - Supplier of Flow Meters, Rotameters, Transmitters, Indicators, Switches & More

  • Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc - Manufacturers A Wide Range Of Sensors, Accelerometers, Transducers & Associated Signal Condtioning

  • Wilcoxon Research - Manufacturer of Accelerometer, Vibration Sensor & Piezoelectric Sensor

  • Sensormation Inc. (An EMX Inc., Div.) - Manufacturer of UV Sensor, Color, Brightness, Factory Automation & Other Sensors

  • EESiFlo Inc. - Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters & Open Channel Flowmeters Manufacturer

  • Norcross Corp. - Viscometers & Viscosity Control Equipment Manufacturer

  • Thomas Products, Ltd. Custom manufacturer & designer of a wide range of flow sensors and level sensors and switches. [Company Profile]

  • Precision Resistor Co., Inc. Custom manufacturer and supplier of sensors and a variety of precision electronic components for computer & electronic... [Company Profile]

  • Turck, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Inductive Proximity Sensors, Cables, Capacitive Proximity, Cordsets, Sensors, Fieldbuses... [Company Profile]

  • Westcon, Inc. ISO/IEC 17025 certified supplier of Sensors, including humidity, force, load & infrared sensors, as well as various testing... [Company Profile]

  • APC American Power Conversion ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturer of sensors, including temperature sensors, display sensors, alarm beacon... [Company Profile]

  • Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. Custom manufacturer of industrial proprietary sensors & switches designed for high temperatures, heavy duty... [Company Profile]

  • Magnetic Sensors Corp. Manufacturer of active magnetic sensors or non-contacting passive sensors for position, proximity, direction, motion & speed... [Company Profile]

  • TR Electronic ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer/supplier of linear position sensors, programmable absolute rotary encoders and linear... [Company Profile]

  • Madison Electric Products, Inc. ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer & exporter of passive magnetic sensors and active speed sensors, controls & indicators. [Company Profile]

  • SICK, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Specializing in Opto-Electronic Technology. [Company Profile]

  • Omron Electronics LLC ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Photoelectric, Proximity & Measuring Sensots, Data Collection Systems... [Company Profile]

  • SSI Technologies, Inc. ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer Of Sensors & Sensor-Based Monitoring Systems For Industrial, Automotive & Heavy Truck... [Company Profile]

  • Kavlico Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Exporter Of Custom & Standard Pressure Sensors And Transducers. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Novatech Measurements Ltd - Manufacturer of High Quality Loadcells, Sensors & Instrumentation Systems For Industry

  • Gill Sensors - Manufacturer of Flow Sensors, Level Sensor, Position Sensors & Allied Products

  • TDS IxsunsŪ - Designer & Manufacturer Of Temperature Sensors, & Intruments As Well As Other Components

  • Sofraser - Specializing In Industrial Viscometer, Viscosity Sensors and Viscosity Measurement Products & Solutions

  • SensorsONE - Supplier of Pressure Sensors & Instruments, Transducers & Transmitters

  • LIOS Technology GmbH - Leading Manufacturer of Linear Optical Sensors

  • Sensor Technology Ltd - Manufacturer of Non-Contact Rotary Torque Transducers

  • Sensor Technology Ltd - TORQSENSE Sensors - Non-Contact Rotary Torque Transducers

  • Thermowell Supply - Stainless Steel Thermowells & Temperature Sensors Probes

  • SA Ex Instruments - Explosion Proof Equipment, Portable Gas Detectors, Intrinsically Safe Instruments

  • Status Instruments Ltd - Designer & Manufacture of Process Control Instrumentation, Sensors, Flow Controllers...

  • Macro Sensors Manufacturer & designer of sensors in various configurations for harsh environments and other applications. [Company Profile]

  • Wen Technology, Inc. Manufacturer & distributor of sensors for applications that include variable or fixed frequency motors & precise measurement... [Company Profile]

  • Reed Switch Developments Co., Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of magnetic proximity reed switches & various standardized packaged reed sensors. [Company Profile]

  • Smith Systems, Inc. ISO 9000:2000 manufacturer of custom & standard sensors. [Company Profile]

  • Banner Engineering Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturers & Exporters Of Ultrasonic & Photoelectric Sensors. [Company Profile]

  • United Electric Controls ISO 9000 Certified Manufacurer Of OEM Sensors, Temperature Sensors & A Complete Line Of Industrial Detection Devices. [Company Profile]

  • Motion Sensors, Inc. Manufacturer of magnetic speed sensors. ISO 9001:2000 certified. [Company Profile]

  • Figaro U.S.A., Inc. Manufacturer & Supplier Of Gas Sensors, Including Solid State Gas Sensors. [Company Profile]

  • Piezo Technologies ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer & Designer Of High Performance Custom Ultrasonic Transducers, Sensors & Arrays. [Company Profile]

  • Sensor Systems, LLC Manufacturer, designer & exporter of custom and standard electro-mechanical components for industrial, medical, commercial... [Company Profile]

  • Cutler-Hammer, Sensor Group Manufacturer of sensors for harsh environments, heavy duty & high temperature applications. [Company Profile]

  • Engineered Sensors Manufactures Fluid System Diagnostic & Reservoir Sensors For Industrial, Military, Mining, Power Generation, Foundry, Military, Aerospace... [Company Profile]

  • Honeywell Sensing & Control Manufacturer of sensors & control products for commercial, aviation, heavy-duty vehicle, railroad, industrial, IT, medical, automotive... [Company Profile]

  • Chromalox International Manufacturer & Designer Of Heatings Systems & Heating Elements For Various Applications. [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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