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Seals & Gaskets Directory & Guide

North America

  • Tekna Seal - Manufacturer of Hermetic Seals, Glass-To-Metal Seals & Allied Products

  • Fedtech, Inc. - Custom Manufacturer of Gaskets, Tube Sheets & Other Products

  • Lavelle Industries - Rubber Manufacturer Producing Various Rubber Seals, Grommets, Bumpers & Rubber Parts

  • Custom Rubber Gaskets - Manufacturer Closed Cell-Sponge, Rubber Extruder, Elastomeric Coatings & Associated Products For Various Markets

  • Lutz Sales Company, Inc - US-Based Supplier of High Quality O-Rings, Seals & Custom Molded O-Ring

  • Parco, Inc. - Manufacturer of High Performance O-Rings, Rubber Seals, Oil & Gas Seals

  • APM HEXSEAL - Manufacturer of Environmental Seals, Self Sealing Fasteners & Circuit Breaker Sealing Boots

  • AGIS, LLC - Manufacturer & Distributor of Boiler Accessories, Gaskets, Seals, O-rings...

  • Niantic Seal, Inc. ISO 9002 & ISO 9000 distributor of rubber seals and plastic seals for industrial/manufacturing, telecommunications, aircraft... [Company Profile]

  • All World Machinery Supply, Inc. Distributor Of Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals & Wipers. [Company Profile]

  • Interface Solutions, Inc. ISO 9001 & QS 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Soft Sealing & Soft Gasketing Materials. [Company Profile]

  • AMP Custom Rubber, Inc. Specializing in the production and fabrication of rubber gaskets and non-metallic gaskets since 1987. [Company Profile]

  • Grumen Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer of non-metallic seals, gaskets and washers, including stoppers, bushings, spacers, grommets & bumpers. [Company Profile]

  • ACS Industries, Inc. ISO 9001 & QS9000 Certified Manufacturer & Designer Of Knitted Woven Wire Mesh Suited For High Temperature Seals. [Company Profile]

  • Industrial Rubber & Gasket Supplier & fabricator of custom I.D. & O.D. gaskets constructed with special or standard bolt patterns. [Company Profile]

  • Zatkoff Seals & Packings ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor/supplier of metric seals & inch (U.S.) seals, constructed in a wide range of materials. [Company Profile]

  • Akron Gasket & Packing Enterprises, Inc. Custom Manufacturer Of Rubber Gaskets & Various Rubber Products In A Wide Range Of Sizes & Types Since 1974. [Company Profile]

  • Signal Industrial Products Corp. Distributor of TeflonŽ seals, rubber seals & metal seals for industrial/manufacturing, OEM, paper, chemical, power generation... [Company Profile]

  • Precision Rings, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & designer of seals for hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, steam, industrial valve, power... [Company Profile]

  • ERIKS West, Inc. Specializing in seal engineering, manufacturing & supply. [Company Profile]

  • Staff Gasket Manufacturing Manufacturer Of Seals, Gaskets, Insulators & Washers For Industrial, Military & OEM Applications. [Company Profile]

  • Gasket Specialties Inc. California (US) based manufacturer of a full line of gaskets. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Seals Packings and Gaskets, Ltd - Designs & Manufactures A Broad Variety Of Sealing, Gasketing & Allied Products

  • RAM Gasket Solutions - Manufacturer of High-Quality Custom Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Seals and Allied Products

  • Autospin Oil Seals Ltd. - Manufacturer of Rotary Shaft Seals, Metal Cased Oil Seals & Associated Products

  • Trelleborg DIPRO GmbH - Manufacturer Of Rubber Seals, Gaskets and Sealing Products For Industrial Applications

  • Suptex Oil Seals, Inc - Manufacturer of Rotary Shaft Seals (Oil Seal), Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Mechanical Seals

  • Cork 2000 - Manufacturer Of Ecologically-Friendly Industrial Cork & Decorative Cork

  • Associated Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer & exporter of wire seals & plastic cable ties, available in various sizes, lengths & types for securing on bags. [Company Profile]

  • Seals Unlimited, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic gate seals, molded & extruded custom seals, mechanical seals, valve seals, self-locking... [Company Profile]

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and supplier of various seals, including o-ring seals, TeflonŽ seals, rubber & plastic... [Company Profile]

  • Seal Master Corp. Manufacturer and designer of inflatable seals for a broad range of industries such as pneumatic, mechanical, transportation... [Company Profile]

  • Performance Sealing, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of seals, washers, rings & bearings for applications that include: gas compressors... [Company Profile]

  • Gardico, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of gaskets in rubber or compressed sheet gasket materials. [Company Profile]

  • Inertech, Inc. ISO 9002 Certified Manufacturer Of Gasketing And Sealing Products, Including Patented, Expanded PTFE Gasket Materials... [Company Profile]

  • James E. Dooley, Co. Manufacturer and supplier of graphite products, including seals, gaskets, graphite, o-rings, packings, metallic gaskets... [Company Profile]

  • Chicago Gasket Company ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Seals, O-Rings, Gaskets & Packings. [Company Profile]

  • Mercer Gasket & Shim Manufacturer of metallic and non metallic gaskets, seals, O-rings, flexible metal hose, clamps, hose fittings, tubing, shims... [Company Profile]

  • Andfel Corp. Manufacturer & supplier Of Custom Security Seals For Identification, Anti-Theft, Mail Bag, Aircraft & Cargo Applications. [Company Profile]

  • American Casting & Mfg. Corp. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of high security & tamper-evident seals made of metal, plastic & wire for a broad range of industries. [Company Profile]

  • Canada Mayer Sealing Devices ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of High Security Metal, Plastic, Bantum Cable & Hercules Seals, Pull-Tie Seal, Cinch-Up & Padlock Seals. [Company Profile]

  • TydenBrammall, Inc. Manufactures High Security Seals For Pump, Tank & Hopper Car, Box, Barrel, Bag, Containers, Drums, tanker truck & haulers. [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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