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Industrial Process Systems Directory & Guide

North America

  • SMC Corporation of America - Manufacturer Of Process Valves, Chillers, Dryers & Other Process Equipment

  • Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. - Specializing In Cryogenic Treatment & Cryogenic Helium Processing To Improve The Performance Of Steel & Metals

  • Kysor Panel Systems - Manufacturer of Walk-in Coolers, Walk-in Freezers & Other Cooling Equipment

  • Atlantic Blowers - Manufacturer of Regenerative Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers & Associated Products

  • AirClean Systems Fume Hoods - Manufacturer of Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Hoods, PCR Workstations & Other Laboratory Equipment

  • C B Mills/Chicago Boiler - Manufacturer of Solvent Recovery Systems and Liquid Dispensers & Processing Equipment

  • Maxsphere - Manufacturer of Industrial Mixing Machines and Industrial Blenders & Mixers

  • Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. - Supplier of Industrial Ovens, Booths, Power Coat Oven, Batch Ovens & Parts

  • Torrey Hills Techonologies - Designer & Manufacturer of Process Equipment, Components & Equipments

  • Torrey Hills Techonologies - Process Equipment Designer & Manufacturer of Microelectronics, Furnace, Planetary Mixers...

  • Federal Equipment Company - Supplier of Used Process Equipment, Auctions, Liquidators & Apprasiers

  • Eagle Enterprises - Manufacturer of Jet Dryers & Jet Melt Snow Melters

  • Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc. - Manufacturer Of Valve Closure Systems, Scrubber Systems, Blending & Dulution Equipment

  • Valutech Inc. - Supplier Of Process Equipment Such As Heat Exchangers & Steal Traps

  • Texas Process Equipment ISO 9002 certified supplier of process and rotating equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Steelman Industries, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of industrial process and heat cleaning ovens since 1957. [Company Profile]

  • Admix, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of sanitary mixers, emulsifiers, dispersers & particle size process reduction equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Koflo Corp. Manufacturer & supplier of static mixers for gas blending & liquid blending applications for aerospace, refinery, food... [Company Profile]

  • Myers Engineering Manufacturers Of Mixers, Blenders, Fluid Agitators, Laboratory Agitators & Dispeners. [Company Profile]

  • Draiswerke, Inc. Manufactures planetary mixers and other turn-key engineered process equipment, including horizontal mixers, reactors... [Company Profile]

  • Aadvanced Machinery Inc. Supplier of all types of new, rebuilt & used mixers and blenders fir the powder process & chemical industries. [Company Profile]

  • Tyler Griffin Co. Supplier of industrial furnaces, industrial ovens & other process equipment. [Company Profile]

  • The Fitzpatrick Company International manufacturer of various process equipment and technology. [Company Profile]

  • Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Inc. Supplier & Custom Fabrication Of Various Process Equipment For Over 100 Years. [Company Profile]

  • Wet Technologies Semiconductor Processing Equipment Manufacturer. [Company Profile]

  • Chemwest Systems, Inc. Manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment, precision plastics components, safety equipment & supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Watlow ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of products used in the plastics processing, semiconductor processing, aerospace... [Company Profile]

  • Chart Industries, Inc. ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer Of Environmental Test Chambers. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • REOTEK LLC - Manufacturer of Oil Processing Equipment, Mini Refinery & Crude Oil Processing Systems

  • HMTC LTD. - Supplier of Food & Beverage Processing Machinery, Equipment & Associated Products

  • Argus Support Services - Supplier of Chemical Control Units, Electroless Nickel Controller & Dosing Equipment (Drums & Feeders)...

  • Industrial Group Generation - Supplier of Drilling, Oil & Gas, Fuel Energy, Boiler & Processing Equipment

  • Thermal Memory - Manufacturer of RoHS Heat Shrink Tubing (UL3239 / AS41088)

  • MIXMOR Designer, manufacturer and exporter of process & processing machinery, including mixers... [Company Profile]

  • A & B Process Systems Corp. Designer & manufacturer of process flow systems. Products include: evaporators, scrubbers... [Company Profile]

  • Bowers Process Equipment, Inc. ISO 9001 certified designer & manufacturer of process and processing machinery. [Company Profile]

  • ASC Process Systems Manufacturer Of Automated Process Equipment, Ovens, Furnances, Presses, Autoclaves, Control Systems... [Company Profile]

  • Shred-Tech Canada Based Designer & Manufacturer Of Process Equipment Such As Shredding Machinery & Reduction Systems... [Company Profile]

  • Cleveland Eastern Mixers Manufacturer & Exporter Of USDA Approved Mixers, Including Portable Mixers, Drum Mixers, Fixed Entry Mixers... [Company Profile]

  • Midwest Mixing, Inc. Manufacturer of Vertical Mixers, Portable Mixers & Side Entry Mixers. [Company Profile]

  • Abbottstown Stampings Co., Inc. Pennsylvania (US) manufacturer of industrial mixers and industrial agitators for chemicals, food & beverage, sealants... [Company Profile]

  • Atlantic Coast Crushers, Inc. Manufacturer, Designer & Exporter Of Process Machinery For Food, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical... [Company Profile]

  • Stainless Fabrication, Inc. Manufacturer of processing equipment, systems, machinery & supplies since 1985. [Company Profile]

  • Heritage Equipment Co. Supplier of new & used stainless storage & process tanks, pressure vessels, silos... [Company Profile]

  • Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. Offers A Full Line Of Conductive, Static Eliminating & Static Dissipative Brushes Manufactures Brushes In Custom Or Standard Configurations... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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