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Plastic & Rubber Materials Directory & Guide

North America

APEXCO-PPSi - APEXCO is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer that strives to set standards of excellence in the manufacturing of stock shape products made from engineering plastics and exotic polymers.

  • Flexcon Container, Inc. - Leading American manufacturer and provider of totes and containers for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing applications.

  • Itran Rubber Corporation - Manufacturer & Rubber Fabricator of Engineered Custom Molded Rubber Parts & Components.

  • Total Plastics - Supplier of Plastic Sheet, Rod, Plastic Tube, Film and Other Plastic Products

  • EPDM Coatings - Supplier of Liquid Roof Coatings, EPDM Rubber and Other Liquid Rubber

  • Marchem Corporation - Manufacturer Of Custom Plastisol & Polyurethane Compounds For Adhesives, Sealants & Other Applications

  • Nu-Roads Environmental Inc. - Manufacturer of Blasting Mats, Swamp & Flotation Mats and Other Rubber Matting

  • H & S Products - Manufacturer Of Custom Plastic Parts & Plastic Components In Small, Medium & Large Production Runs

  • NPI Plastics Inc. - Plastics Supplier & Compounder For The Plastics Industry Offering Plastic Polymers, Resins & Recycled Plastics

  • eSurplus Warehouse - Buy & Sells Overstock/Surplus Elastomer & Plastic Items From OEMs and Industry Distributors

  • Custom Advanced Connections, Inc. - Manufacturers Replacement Rubber Sleeves For OEM Separators, Rubber Screens & Allied Products

  • Plastic Recovery Inc. - Specializing In Custom Scrap Grinding & Pre-Consumer Recycling Of Plastic Products

  • PlastiLogics of North America - Plastics Manufacturer & Distributor Of Various Plastic Parts, Custom Plastic Components & Other Plastic Parts

  • Eutsler Rubber Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of Custom Elastomeric Products, Custom Rubber Components, Molded Rubber Seals & Allied Products

  • Shini USA - Supplier of Plastics Granulators and a wide range of other Plastics Auxillary Machinery & Equipment

  • CLS Plasticard - Manufacturer of Standard & Custom Plastic Cards & Laminated Cards For Various Industries & Applications

  • Tundra Builders LLC - Supplier of Plastic Scrap, PE, PP, PVC Film and Other Plastic Scraps

  • Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. - Manufactures Custom Molded Rubber Components, Seals & Rubber-To-Metal Bonded Assemblies

  • RK Rubber - Industrial Rubber Supply Manufacturer Of Conveyor Belt, Rubber Belting, Grommets, Rubber Mats & More

  • Rubbo International, Inc - Rubber Manufacturer Offering Rubber Extrusion & Foaming

  • Trimco - Manufacturer Of Plastic Profile Extrusions For Industrial, Automotive & Marine Applications

  • Universal Plastics Inc - Manufacturer of Plastic Tubing, Extrusions & Plastic Profiles In Various Sizes & Colors

  • Pace Industries, Inc - Leading Manufacturer of Polystyrene, Polyethylene & Polypropylene Sheet & Roll

  • Maxxum Group - Manufacturer of Scrap Plastic, Carpet Waste & Non-Wovens

  • Lee World Industries, LLC - OEM Manufacturer of Rubber/Plastic Industrial Parts, Auto Parts & Components (USA)

  • SHERIDAN PLASTICS - Recycler of HDPE Scrap & HDPE Scrap - Grinding, Palletizing, Blending & Shredding

  • Stern Industries - Manufacturer Representatives Serving The Plastic & Rubber Process Industries

  • Professional Plastics, Inc. - Global Supplier Of Plastic Rods, Sheets, Film & Tubing

  • Nicosin Extrusion - Plastic Extrusion, Profile Extrusion & Plastic Tubing

  • Berry Plastics Corporation - Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

  • Plastics America - Industrial Plastics Products Custom Manufacturer & Wholesale Distributor

  • Shenzhen Well Mold & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. - Plastic Parts & Injection Mold Manufacturer

  • Prince Auto Industries - Automotive Rubber Parts & Mountings Manufacturer

  • ReGen Polymers Manufacturer & processing of plastics, specializing in plastic recycling, industrial scrap parts, purgings, regrind... [Company Profile]

  • Mason Rubber Co., Inc. Manufacturer of of die cut, extruded & molded rubber parts, rubber bonded-to-metal materials and related products. [Company Profile]

  • PAC Foam Products Corp. Designer, manufacturer and fabrication of rigid foams and flexible foams for industrial, military, architectural, commercial... [Company Profile]

  • Pacific States Felt & Mfg. Co., Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber, extrusion and molded products & parts, including rubber-sponge, loops, hooks... [Company Profile]

  • Regional Rubber Co. Manufacturer and supplier of rubber products, including rubber gaskets, o-rings, custom molded extrusions, hydraulic... [Company Profile]

  • Adams Plastics Specializing in plastic & PVC materials & products, including PE, PVC & PP plastics for a variety of industries. [Company Profile]

  • National Rubber Corp. Manufacturer Of Custom Molded Rubber and Extruded Rubber Products and Components. [Company Profile]

  • Vinyl Technology, Inc. Producer/fabricator of plastic materials such as ABS, polycarbonate & acrylic plastic products for industrial, commercial... [Company Profile]

  • MOCAP Custom Molding Group ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & exporter of compression plastics, dip molded plastics & rubber molded products. [Company Profile]

  • Plastics & Concepts of Connecticut Custom Manufacturer Of Rubber Parts & Injection Molded Plastic Products For Industrial, Electronic, Construction, Leisure... [Company Profile]

  • Filtrona Extrusion, Inc. Manufactures a broad range of custom profiles & tubing in various thermoplastic materials. [Company Profile]

  • Seelye Plastics, Inc. Industrial Plastics Fabrication, Machining & Distribution. [Company Profile]

  • Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc. Plastic Sheet, Tube, Rod & Film Suppliers. Broad Range Of Custom & Standgard Materials, Including VespelŪ... [Company Profile]

  • Spiratex Co. ISO 9002 tertified thermoplastic extruders of tubing & profiles. [Company Profile]
  • UK, Europe & Australia

    • International Environmental Solutions Ltd - Plastic Waste Traders, Recyclers, Converters & Plastic Machines & Supplies

    • Plastic Supplies Dudley, Ltd - Industrial Plastic Supply Serving Plastic Injection Moulders (Molders) and Plastic Mold (Mould) Makers

    • Gurtan Plastic Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Plastic Crates, Plastic Pallets & Other Plastic Products

    • ABC DIRECT - Supplier of Spare Parts For The Plastic Industry Such As Heating Bands & Allied Products

    • Xmix Mixer - Manufacturer of Mixers For Plastic Material & Color Homogenization Applications

    • Boss Polymer - Manufactures Precision Rubber, Plastic & Thermoplastic Extrusions & Mouldings

    • Erka Ambalaj San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. - Manufacturer of Push Pull Plastic Caps, Plastic Dispensers, Plastic Bottle Triggers & Allied Products

    • Profile Deflashing Compounds Ltd - Manufacturer Of Shotblasting Compounds For The Rubber & Plastics Industries

    • OK Company, S.A. - Manufacturer of Cross-Linked & Non-Cross Linked Polyethylene, EVA & Polypropylene Foam

    • Narm Rubber Products (Aust) - Manufacturer of Rubber Extrusions, Rubber Mouldings & Sheeting For Industrial & Other Applications

    • DBI Plastics - Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Caps, Plastic Plugs, Protective Caps & Associated Products

    • Polymax Ltd - Supplier of Rubber O-Rings, Rubber Matting, Anti-Vibration Mounts & Other Rubber Products

    • Hydro Sight Corp. - Specializes In Acrylic Appliances, Including Over Sized Acrylic Sheets & Acrylic Panels

    • Karabulut Plastik San.Tic., Ltd - Importer & Supplier of Plastic Raw Material

    • Plastica Nardon Spa - Plastic Components Manufacturer Specializing In Plastic Injection & Thermoplastic Injection Moulding

    • KMO Kaucuk (Rubber) Malzemeleri Ofisi Ltd. - Manufacturer of Rubber Ballons For Brushing & Scraping Jeans & Denim

    • Starplast - Specializing In Thermoforming Plastic, Lightbars & Canopies

    • Mercury Plastics, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of medical plastic parts and industrial plastic parts. [Company Profile]

    • Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer & distributor of reinforced and unreinforced plastic tubes, sheets, rods & tubing, fiberglass & exotic... [Company Profile]

    • Primex Plastics Corp. Custom sheet extruders of ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene & polyester. [Company Profile]

    • Plastics International Plastic engineering and supplier of industrial plastics, including rods, tubes, sheets and film for a broad range of industries. [Company Profile]

    • World Class Plastics, Inc. Specializing In Custom Thermoplastic Injection Molding For Dental, Industrial OEM, Electronic, Medical, Automotive, Appliance... [Company Profile]

    • Redwood Plastics Corp. Canadian manufacturer of industrial plastics, including plastic sheet, tube and plastic rod for mining, material handling, pulp... [Company Profile]

    • United States Plastic Corp. Offers An Extensive Line Of Commercial & Industrial Plastics. Products Include: Syphons, Scoops, Tape, Tubing, Valves, Tote... [Company Profile]

    • Northeast Plastic Supply Co. Supplier & Fabricator Of Plastics, Including Polypropylene, Non-Corrosive, Static Disapative, UHMW, Noryl, PVC, Ultem, Plastic... [Company Profile]

    • Quaker Plastic Corp. Plastic Custom Extruded And Thermoformed Components For A Broad Range Of Industries. [Company Profile]

    • New Tech Plastics, Inc. Specializing In Coextruded Film Products Such As Sheets, Bags & Roll Stock For Industrial & Commercial Packaging... [Company Profile]

    • Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Inc. ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of a full line of plastic sheet, tubular bar, rod & custom shapes engineered for machining. [Company Profile]

    • The Rodon Group ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer of injection molded high volume precision plastics. [Company Profile]

    • Allstates Rubber & Tool Corp. ISO 9000 Manufacturer & Supplier of Rubber Parts & Rubber To Metal Bonded Products. Including Gaskets, Seals, Sheeting, Grommets... [Company Profile]

    • AirBoss Rubber Compounding ISO 9001:2000. Custom Rubber Mixer with 230 million lbs. annual capacity. Applications include recreation, mechanical goods, tank linings... [Company Profile]
    Asia & Middle East

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