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Metalworking & Metal Fabricators Directory & Guide

North America

  • Mighty Steel - Steel Fabricators Offering Steel Beams, Columns & Allied Products and Structural Services

  • Yakfab - Metal Fabricators Providing Complete Metal Fabrication Services & Solutions

  • KandR Fab Inc. - Sheet Metal Fabricator Providing Sheetmetal Fabricated Products & Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions

  • Rockland Manufacturing - Steel Fabricator Providing Plate Rolling, Plate Forming, Welding & Other Steel Fabrication Services

  • Cyclotron Products - Manufacturer of Coolant Filtration Equipment & Machine Tool Coolants For The Metalworking Industry

  • Texas Iron and Rail - Iron & Steel Fabricator Offering Iron Gates, Steel Security Doors & Other Structural Steel Products

  • InMetal - Sheet Metal Fabricator Offering Custom Metal Fabrication Of Prototypes To Full OEM Productions Runs

  • Prototek Manufacturing, LLC - Specializing In Precision Sheetmetal & Machined Parts & Products For Prototype Markets

  • Skyline Products - Colorado-Based Aluminum Fabricators Providing Complete Aluminum Fabrication Services & Solutions

  • Advanced Process Systems - Supplier Of Plating, Anodizing & Electro Polishing Equipment For Metal Finishing Applications

  • Titanium Fabrication - New Jersey-Based Metalworking Company Specializing In High Quality Titanium & Special Alloy Metal Fabrication

  • Muthig Industries, Inc. - Full Service Metal Fabricator Providing Laser Cutting, Metal Stamping & Other Metal Fabrication Services

  • Sanders Bros. Inc. - Specalizing In Steel Fabrication, Industrial Construction, Design Build Services & Allied Solutions

  • Ideal Steel Detailers Inc - Supplier of Structural Steel Detailing Solutions For Steel Fabricators In North America

  • Metal Fabricators and Welding Ltd. - Canada-based Metal Fabricators Serving The International Marketplace With Quality Metalworking Services

  • PS Fabricators - Texas-Based Custom Metal Fabricator Providing Custom Fabrication, Welding, Design & Engineering Services

  • Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. - Illinois-Based Manufacturer of Roll Formed Metal Components

  • Fredrick Jones Iron Works - Manufacturer of Wrought Iron Fence & Walkway, Solid Iron Fence, Gates & Associated Products

  • Metalforming Inc. - Supplier of Metal Folders, Curvers, Metal Slitters & Rollformers For Metalworking Applications

  • Kzx Software - Sheet Metal Fabrication CAD/CAM Software For Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Sheet Metal Parts

  • Dexter Stamping Company - Manufacturer & Fabricator of High Quality, Tight-Tolerance Metal Stampings

  • Steel Equipment Corporation - Dealer of Steel Mill Equipment - Cranes, Electric Furnances, Rolling Mill Equipment & Other Steel Equipment

  • Raj Rai - Sheet Metal Fabricators Specializing In Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

  • This Side Up Racing & Machine Co. - Metal Fabricating and Custom Metalworking Specialists

  • Coble Metal Works - Manufacturer Of Ornamental & Structural Metal Products

  • Jinqiu Machinery Co., Ltd - Metalworking & Metal Fabrication Machinery Manufacturer

  • Gauer Metal Products, Inc. Manufacturer & Custom Metal Fabricator Of Gravity Flow Shelving, Cabinets, Racks & Conveyors. [Company Profile]

  • TJ Fabricators, Inc. ISO 9002 certified sheet metal fabricator offering precision fabrication and assemblies. [Company Profile]

  • Fabri-Tech, Inc. ISO 9000 certified metal fabricator and contract manufacturer of custom metal products, specializing in mild steel, stainless... [Company Profile]

  • Hoffmann, Inc. Metal fabricator specializing in heavy metal fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel for OEM industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • A & S Fabricating Co. Manufacturer, supplier and heavy metal fabricator of custom steel products, including metal plate and heavy structural... [Company Profile]

  • HPL Stampings, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified sheet metal fabricator and manufacturer of metal stampings, including precision sheet metal products. [Company Profile]

  • Karnel, Inc. Turnkey metal fabricator specializing in custom metal fabrications, including aluminum components such as ladders, stairs... [Company Profile]

  • Quality Industries, Inc. Metal fabricators and manufacturers of mild steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum extrusions & aluminum... [Company Profile]

  • Metal Skills Plus, LLC Metal Skills Plus Specializes In Sheet Metal & Metal Fabrication/Manufacturing Of Special Parts, Components & OEM Products. [Company Profile]

  • Capital Engineering & Manufacturing Co. ISO 9002 certified metal fabricator specializing in stainless steel & carbon steel plate fabrication, machining and finishing. [Company Profile]

  • Pro-Tech Metal Specialties Inc. ISO 9002 Certified Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication For Commercial, Industrial, Electronic, Aerospace, Military... [Company Profile]

  • Fab Tech V Industries, Inc. Full Service Metal Fabricating Company Offering Full Service & Capabilities For Industrial, Heavy Equipment... [Company Profile]

  • A & A Machine & Fabrication, LLC Metal Fabricator & Manufacturer Of LDPE High Pressure Jacketed Tubing. Materials Include Stainless Steel, Aluminum... [Company Profile]

  • Nelson Industrial Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Precision Fabricated Metal Products. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Master Chemical Europe - Manufacturer of Metalworking Fluids Such As Coolants, Cutting Oils & Other Industrial Lubricants

  • IT CML, Ltd. - Leading Sheet Metal Fabricator Offering Complete Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Since 1992

  • Bervale Engineering Ltd - Provides Metal Fabrication, Powder Coating & Other Metalworking Solutions

  • Greenwood Welding - Metal Fabrication Shop Providing Custom Metalworking Solutions Working With Various Metals

  • Schloetter Co., Ltd - Suppliers of Electroplating Equipment and Other Metal Finishing Products For Industry

  • Morse Fabrications Ltd - Leading Manufacturer & Supplier Of Forklift Truck Attachments & Fork Truck Parts

  • Roll Forming Machine Plant (RFMP) - Manufacturer & Exporter of Cold Roll Forming Machinery For Metalworking / Metal Fabrication Companies

  • Medway Galvanizing Group - Specializing in Hot Dip Galvanising, Powder Coating & Architectural Metalwork Services

  • Tharsus Engineering - Specializes In Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Conforming to ISO 9000 Standards

  • AssetTrack - Source of New & Used Manufacturing Equipment For Metalworking, Woodworking & Other Industries

  • Yilmaz Machinery PVC - Manufacturer of Aluminium Profile Processing Machines & Cutting Machinery

  • A1 Precision Engineers - Metalworking Engineers Offering Complete Design, CNC Punching, Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication - Online Resource For Sheet Metal Work & Engineering

  • Metal Products Manufacturing, LLC Metal fabricator offering abrasive waterjet cutting and CO2 laser cutting of a broad range of materials. [Company Profile]

  • Fox Valley Stamping Co. Specializing in metal stampings and precision CNC laser cutting. [Company Profile]

  • Tri-State Fabricators, Inc. Metal fabricators offering a wide range of metalworking services, including metal stamping, turning, CNC machining, tube... [Company Profile]

  • Watteredge Metals ISO 9001:2000 certified metal fabricators & distributor of metals and metal forms. [Company Profile]

  • Jay & Kay Manufacturing, Inc. ISO 9000 certified metal fabricators and manufacturers of parts made of various stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. [Company Profile]

  • Ultimate Hydroforming, Inc. ISO 9002 certified metal fabricators offering hydroforming, heat treat, welding, annealing, custom fabrication, CAD/CAM... [Company Profile]

  • G. E. Mathis Co. Offers custom metal fabrication, including medium and heavy metalworking services for commercial, industrial & ornamental... [Company Profile]

  • Affordable Metal, Inc. Specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication using the latest technology to meet the customer's requirements. [Company Profile]

  • SMT, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Sheet Metal Fabricators Of Precision Sheet Metal Piece Parts & Assemblies. [Company Profile]

  • Fab 2 Order Metal fabrication and welding services specializing in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminun, plastic, copper & powder coating. [Company Profile]

  • Copelands, Inc. Custom Manufacturer Of Machine Parts, Weldments & Finished Products Of Various Metals. [Company Profile]

  • Berrien Metal Products Full Service Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer. Including Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper Materials. [Company Profile]

  • Dalsin Industries Full Service Sheet Metal Products Manufacturer From Design & Prototype To Assembly Production In Medium To Large Runs [Company Profile]

  • Bassett Industries, Inc. Full service contract manufacturing of parts, sub assemblies & finished assemblies. [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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