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Grease & Industrial Lubricants Directory & Guide

North America

  • Varna Products - Manufacturer of Prelube Pumps For The Pre-Lubricating of Equipment

  • U.S. Industrial Fluids - Manufactures Industrial Lubricants, Oils, Metal Forming Fluids, Degreasers & Other Industrial Lubrication Solutions

  • PLI, LLC - Exclusive Distributor of The MEMOLUB® Smart Industrial Lubrication System

  • New Tech Mining, Inc. - High Quality Technologically Advanced Coal Mining Operations

  • Niagara Lubricant Company, Inc. - Manufacturer & Distributor Of Specialty Lubricants & Chemicals Offering Lubricant Private Label Packaging

  • Grease Warehouse - Manufacturer & Supplier of Grease, Lubrication and Other Quality Industrial Lubricants

  • New Tech Mining, Inc. - High Quality Technologically Advanced Coal Mining Operations

  • Zero Friction - Custom Manufacturer of Silicone Grease & Lubricants For A Wide Range of Frictional Applications

  • Duratherm Extended Life Fluids - Manufactures A Full Line Of Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Balaji Platinum - Manufacturer Of High Quality Grease & All Purpose Greases

  • Reliable Hydraulics, Inc - Supplier of Industrial & Automotive Lubrication Equipment

  • T.S. Moly Lubricants, Inc. Manufacturer And Distributor Of Industrial Lubricants For Metal Fabrication, Construction, Marine, Sugar Refining Mills... [Company Profile]

  • Bolkema Fuel Company Distributor of a variety of lubricants and fuels, including engine oils, diesel and gasoline fuels, heating oil, industrial lubricants... [Company Profile]

  • Safechem Industrial Chemicals Co. MRO distributor of industrial maintenance lubricants and coatings, including solvent degreasers, industrial silicones, corrosion... [Company Profile]

  • Slide Products, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier Of Grease, Industrial Lubricants & Cleaning Wipes For Industrial Cleaning... [Company Profile]

  • American Independence Resources, Inc. Supplier of lubricants & fluids for metalworking, food grade and industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • General Petroleum ISO 9002 certified distributor of lubricants, greases, fuels, chemicals and related products for marine, industrial, automotive... [Company Profile]

  • Lubrication Technology, Inc. Manufacturer Of Synthetic Grease Lubricants For A Broad Range Of Applications Such As Operational & Environmental... [Company Profile]

  • Rex Oil Co. Supplier of lubricants for industrial, commercial, marine & aviation markets. [Company Profile]

  • Chemi-Coatings, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and lubricants for a wide range of industries and applications. [Company Profile]

  • General Petroleum ISO 9002 certified distributor of lubricants, chemicals, fuels & greases for industrial, marine, aviation, automotive, maintenance... [Company Profile]

  • J & S Chemical Inventor & ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of SHOTBEADS® & LUBEWAX Dry Plunger Lubricants. [Company Profile]

  • Solvay Solexis Manufacturer Of Protective Anti-Wear Coatings, Fluids, Greases & Lubricants For Automotive... [Company Profile]

  • CITGO Petroleum Corp. ISO 9002 Certified Producer & Refiner Of Greases, Waxes & Specialty Lubricants For Industrial, Automotive... [Company Profile]

  • HUSK-ITT Corp. ISO 9002 Certified Manufacturer Of HUSKEY Brand Specialty Lubricants. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Crown Oil UK - Supplier of Lubricants & Various Fuels For Industrial, Commercial & Other Markets

  • Xado-Technology, Ltd. - Manufacturer of Industrial & Automative Lubricants, Greases & Special Industrial Oils & Fluids

  • IKV Tribology Ltd - Manufactures Speciality Lubricants & Coatings, Synthetic Oils, Greases, High & Low Temperature Lubricants

  • German Mirror Lubricants & Greases - Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive Lubricants, Greases, Fluids and Allied Products

  • Valvoline Europe - Manufacturer of Lubricants, Motor Oils, Heavy Duty Oils, Fluids and Other Lubricants

  • RIG Energy Recruit - Engineer Recruitement Agency Specializing In The Commercial & Domestic Gas & Utility Services Industries

  • Zeetex Lubricants - Manufacturer of Lubricants, Grease, Brake Fluid, Motor & Diesel Engine Oil

  • Harrison Lubrication Engineering Ltd - Supplier of Lubrication Equipment, Grease Gun, Grease Nipples & Drum Pump

  • Rayco Chemical - Industrial Lubricants & Corrosion Preventive Products (New York, USA)

  • Lubrication Engineers International AG - Manufacturer Of Heavy Duty Lubricants, Greases & Oils

  • Mercury Gold Lubricants L.L.C - Manufacturer Of Automotive, Industrial & Marine Lubricants & Greases

  • Swagelok Company ISO 9001 Certified International Manufacturers Of Fluorosilicone-Based, Halocarbon-Based & Oil-Based Thread Lubricants... [Company Profile]

  • Oil Service, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of petroleum products, including grease, rust preventives, oils, coolants and an extensive selection... [Company Profile]

  • Howes Lubricator Products Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers Of Penetrating Oil and Multi-Purpose Lubricant Made From A Refined Non-Solvent... [Company Profile]

  • The Valvoline Company ISO 9000 certified manufacturer, exporter & supplier of lubricants for forging, grease, gear, industrial, high temperature... [Company Profile]

  • Kano Laboratories, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial specialty lubricants, penetrating oils, silicone penetrants, rustproofing lubricants, intsrument oils... [Company Profile]

  • Panef Corp. Manufacturer & supplier of industrial lubricants, consumer lubricants and non-hazardous chemical products. [Company Profile]

  • Capital Lubricants, LLC Sells a full line of automotive and industrial lubricants suitable for racing, refrigeration compressor, aviation, marine, engine... [Company Profile]

  • Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Contract manufacturer of lubricants, including grease, graphite lubricants, silicone lubricants, grease, molybdenum disulfide... [Company Profile]

  • Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & exporter of synthetic and mineral lubricants, inert & fire resistance lubricants. [Company Profile]

  • Moore & Balliew Oil Company Petroleum products distributor offering a complete line of Exxon mobil lubricants. [Company Profile]

  • DuPont Krytox® Performance Lubricants Producer Of Oils, Lubricants & Grease For A Broad Range Of Applications Designed to Meet Specific Requirements. [Company Profile]

  • Engineered Custom Lubricants Manufacturer & global supplier of standard & custom lubricants for industrial & automotive markets. [Company Profile]

  • International Products Corporation New Jersey (US) based manufacturer & supplier of lubricants & chemicals especially for cleaners. [Company Profile]

  • Innovative Organics Leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly process lubricants, slurries, cleaners & coolants. [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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