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Heat Exchangers & Heat Processing Directory & Guide

North America

  • Applied Cooling Technology LLC - Manufacturer of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and Other Heat Transfer Equipment

  • CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. - Manufacturer of Industrial Heating Systems, Explosion-Proof Heaters & Allied Equipment

  • Advanced Industrial Components, Inc. - Manufacturer of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers & Allied Products

  • Portage Electric (PEPI) - Manufacturer of Lighting Thermal Controls, Thermostats & Associated Products

  • SAR Biomass Energy Systems, LLC - Manufacturer of Corn Fueled Forced Air Furnaces For Commercial, Agicultural & Residential Markets

  • Allwin21 Corp - Manufacture of AG 610, AG Heatpulse 410 and AG Heatpulse 210

  • Zion Industries - Specializing In Heat Treating, Induction Heating & Metal Surface Hardening

  • Hydronic Supply - Supplier of PEX Plumbing Supplies, Radiant Heat Systems & Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

  • GMTS Worldwide - Custom Manufacturer of Aluminum & Copper Thermal Products

  • Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. - Manufactures Various Heat Treat Industrial Furnaces

  • Red Wave Boilers - Boiler, Steam, Hydronic Heating & Domestic Water Systems

  • DtiCorp - Supplier Of Tankless Water Heaters & Accessories

  • Exothermics, Inc. - Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers & Heat Recovery Systems For All Process Industries

  • Kleenair Products Company Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier Of Heat Processing Equipment Such As Ovens, Dryers & Heat Treat... [Company Profile]

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturers Of Electric Heating Elements & Other Heat Processing Equipment For Commerical & Industrial... [Company Profile]

  • Gehnrich Oven Sales Company Designer, manufacturer & exporter of custom and standard industrial dryers, heaters and ovens for heat processing... [Company Profile]

  • PVI Industries, Inc. ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of high efficiency water heaters & boilers for industrial, commercial & institutional markets. [Company Profile]

  • American Heating Co., Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & supplier of hot water heaters, thermal fluid heaters, asphalt and specialty fuel fired heaters. [Company Profile]

  • Dayco, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Industrial Heat Processing Equipment, Including Gas Fired Air Heaters, Industrial Air Heaters... [Company Profile]

  • Exergy, Inc. ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer & exporter of sanitary heat exchangers and miniature heat exchangers. [Company Profile]

  • Foucault International Corp.(TM) International supplier of a full range of digital induction heating systems for tempering and shrink-fitting applications. [Company Profile]

  • Catalytic Products International Designer & manufacturer of custom made heat exchangers, including plate, shell and tube heat exchangers. [Company Profile]

  • Exact Exchanger, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of custom & standard industrial heat exchangers available with electric motors... [Company Profile]

  • Epcon Industrial Systems, Inc. ISO 9000 manufacturer & global supplier of of custom industrial ovens & furnaces, air pollution control... [Company Profile]

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier Of Commercial & Industrial Electrical Heating Elements. [Company Profile]

  • Davron Technologies, Inc. Designer, custom manufacturer & supplier of various process equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Solaronics Inc. Manufacturer Of Propane-Fired & Natural Gas Infrared Heaters, For Commercial & Industrial Markets. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Tasarim Metal Isi, Ltd. - Manufacturer of OEM Stainless Steel Radiators, Heaters & Allied Products

  • Howden - Leading Manufacturer of Rotary Heat Exchanger and Various Air & Gas Handling Equipment

  • Subsurface Heating - Manufacturer of Floor Heating Systems, Under Laminiate & Carpet Floor Heating Units & Associated Equipment

  • Evoluta Limited - Global Supplier of Used/Rebuilt Induction Melting Furnance For Steel & Iron Applications

  • MIT Australia - Induction Melting Furnace, Induction Equipment & Furnance Spare Parts

  • Casso-Solar Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer and Designer of Catalytic & Electric Gas Infrared Heat Processing Systems and Heat... [Company Profile]

  • Sussman-Automatic Corp. Manufacturer & exporter of electric hot water boilers & electric steam boilers meeting UL, CSA, ASME standards. [Company Profile]

  • ASC Process Systems Manufacturer & Distributor Of Heaters, Ovens, Heating Delivery Systems, Presses, LPG Heaters, Gas Heaters & Various Process... [Company Profile]

  • Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc. Major manufacturer, designer & exporter of steam boilers, hot water boilers, including gas, coal, oil, hybrid fuel-fired... [Company Profile]

  • The Lanly Company Manufacturer & Designer Of Ovens, Combustion Systems, Heat Processing Equipment & Controls. [Company Profile]

  • Enerfin, Inc. ISO 9001 Certified Canadian Manufacturer Of Air Cooled Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. [Company Profile]

  • Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corp. Manufacturer & exporter of heat processing and heat transfer equipment for polymer, pharmaceutical, plastic processing... [Company Profile]

  • ITT Standard ISO 9001 certified manufacturer & exporter of heat exchangers for a broad range of heat transfer applications. [Company Profile]

  • Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc. Manufacturer and designer of heat transfer equipment and heat processing systems for pulp & paper, heating, cooling, power... [Company Profile]

  • Corbett Industries, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Industrial Furnaces, Dryers, Ovens, Textile Heating Equipment, Burner Control Systems, Fume... [Company Profile]

  • Wellman Furnaces, Inc. Manufacturer of heat processing systems & power, motor control panels for high-temperature applications. [Company Profile]

  • Wisconsin Oven Corp. Manufacturer & Supplier of Ovens, Furnaces & Heat Processing Equipment In Both Custom & Standard Designs With... [Company Profile]

  • SECO Warwick Corporation Pennsylvania (US) based leading industrial heat treating equipment manufacturer offering aluminium reverb melting & holding... [Company Profile]

  • Gruenberg Oven Co. Offers custom ovens, tunnel ovens, cabinet ovens, conveyor ovens, industrial ovens, batch ovens, truck ovens, cooling... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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