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Glass Fabricators Directory & Guide

North America

  • Meller Optics, Inc. - Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Optics & Other Optical Products For Various Applications

  • BD Diagnostics - Accu-Glass - Manufacturer of Precision Glass Tubes, Ferrules & Optical Ferrules For Volumetric, Liquid Handling & Flow Control

  • Beveled Glass Arts - Manufacturer Of Beveled Glass, Custom Beveled Glass & Stained Glass

  • Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of polished glass substrates for automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor... [Company Profile]

  • Cat-I Glass Manufacturing, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of precision machined glass appliances, parts and glass specialities for OEM... [Company Profile]

  • Specialty Glass, Inc. Manufacturer of custom and standard glass and glass ceramics. [Company Profile]

  • Eagle Glass Specialties, Inc. ISO 9000 certified custom manufacturer of specialty glass parts. [Company Profile]

  • GRAY GLASS Specializing In Custom Glass Fabrication Of A Wide Range Of Glasses. [Company Profile]

  • Newport Industrial Glass, Inc. Fabricator, Manufacturer & Supplier Of Ceramic Material & Technical Glass Products For Military... [Company Profile]

  • American Precision Glass Corp. Glass Fabricator & Manufacturer Of A Variety Of Precision Technical Glass Products Such As Tubing, Sagged Parts, Rods... [Company Profile]

  • S.I. Howard Glass Co., Inc. Specializing In The Fabrication Of Precision Glass Components. [Company Profile]

  • Precision Electronic Glass (PEG, Inc.) ISO 9002 & ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Exporer Of Glass Quartz And Vycor® Products, Including Glass Components... [Company Profile]

  • Glastron, Inc. Manufacturer & Service Provider Of Scientific Glassware. [Company Profile]

  • Pegasus Industrial Specialties, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of speciality glass for mechanical engineering, laboratories, microbiology, pharmacy, chemistry, energy... [Company Profile]

  • OPSI Corp. Glass, Quartz, Sapphire & Ceramics Fabricating Specialists. [Company Profile]

  • Swift Glass Company, Inc. Leading Global Manufacturer of Custom Glass & Quartz Products. Including Sight Glass, Filters, Lenses... [Company Profile]

  • Richland Glass Inc. Manufacturers Custom Glass For Industrial, Scientific & Electronic Applications. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Bursa Trim Otomotiv Co., Ltd - Custom Manufacturer & Fabricator Of Auto Glass, Sliding Window Glass & Other Glass Products

  • CMS Glass Machinery - Manufacturer of Glass Production & Processing Machines, Glass Insulating Machines & Allied Products

  • Art Studio Glass - Manufacturer of Glass Products Such As Art Studio Glass, Glass Objects and More

  • Zeeko Ltd - Manufacturer of Mould Polishing, Optics, Engineering & High Precision Products

  • Pilkington Self Cleaning Glass - Manufacturer & Supplier of Self-Cleaning Glass

  • APG GLASS MACHINERY IND. CO., LTD - Manufacturer Of Insulating Glass & Glass Processing Machinery & Tools

  • Glass Instruments, Inc. Glass manufacturer for over 50 years specializing in custom glassblowing. [Company Profile]

  • Glass Dynamics, LLC Manufacturer of a broad range of custom glass products for various applications. [Company Profile]

  • Atwood/Spec-Temp ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of flat, curved, bent glass, windows, tempered glass, sealed insulated glass units... [Company Profile]

  • Kimble/Kontes ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of custom and standard scientific & laboratory glassware and related apparatus for industry. [Company Profile]

  • Kaufman Glass Company Fabricating High Temperature, Industrial & Specialty Sight Glass. Including Woodstove, X-Ray Lead Glass, Glass Ceramic... [Company Profile]

  • MO-SCI Corp. Manufacturer of heat resistant laminated glass, including polished, groundm etched and beveled glass. [Company Profile]

  • Thermoseal Glass Corp. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Sealed Insulating Glass Units. Product Applications Include: Testing Chambers, Baking Equipment... [Company Profile]

  • Gillinder Brothers, Inc. Manufacturer of pressed and blown glassware, specialty glass & blown lighting glassware for industrial, vaporproof globes... [Company Profile]

  • American Precision Glass Corp. Manufacturer Of Precision Technical Glass Products Such As Tubing, Micro Sheets, Rods, Conductive Windows, Sagged Parts... [Company Profile]

  • The Naugatuck Glass Company ISO-9002 Certified Manufacturer, Precision Fabricator & Exporter Of Glass And Mirror Components. [Company Profile]

  • Gray Glass Glass Manufacturer & Fabricator Of Quartz, Satin Ground, Anti-Newton Ring, Color Filters, Patterned Light Diffusing, Wire... [Company Profile]

  • Specialty Glass Products, Inc. Manufacturer of glass containers, discs, lenses, balls, beads & mirrors for semiconductor technology, electronics, laser... [Company Profile]

  • De Dietrich Global supplier of in glass and glass-lined Process equipment, offering a full range of equipment from system design to... [Company Profile]

  • Kopp Glass, Inc. Custom manufacturer & supplier of molded, blown, precision clear & colored glass for commerical, military & industrial... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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