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Fasteners Directory & Guide

North America

  • Majoripc - Manufacturer Of Nylon Threaded Rod, Plastic Threaded Rod, Threaded Nylon Rod & Allied Products

  • H W eckhardt Corporation - Fastener Distributor Offering Various Hose Clamps, Threaded Inserts and Tinnerman Fasteners

  • Fasteners Clearing House - Online Resource For All Types Bolts, Nuts, Screws And Other Fasteners & Hardware

  • Marsh Fasteners - Florida-based Wholesaler Of Stainless Steel Fasteners, S.S. Bolts, Nails & Other Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • Humboldt Industrial Supply - Industrial Supply Distributor Offering Fasteners, Adhesives, Safety Equipment, Abrasives, Tools & Much More

  • Fastener Marketplace - Manufacturer of Spacers, Shoulder Screws & Standoffs

  • Portland Bolt - Manufacturer of Anchor Bolts, Domestic & Construction Fasteners

  • Penny Parts - Distributor of Fasteners, Spacers, Sleeving, Ty Wraps & Electronic Hardware

  • Bisco of Florida, Inc. - Suppliers of Drill Bits, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Abrasives & Other Industrial Supplies

  • TASS Steel Ltd - Global Sourcing Fasteners & Fastener Materials, Wire, Rod, Bar, Pipes & Tubes

  • Deane Systems Company LLC - Manufactures Fastener Feed & Drive Equipment...

  • Nantong Leveltech Equipment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer & Exporter of Fasteners

  • Ningbo Dongxin Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of Inch & Metric Hex Nuts & Bolts

  • ALSHAHBA - Overstock & Surplus Bolts, Washers, Nuts & Other Fasteners

  • SMITH PRODUCTS COMPANY - Supplier Of High Technology Fasteners

  • Fabory USA Ltd. ISO 9000 Certified Distributor Of A Full Line Of Metric Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp. Manufacturer and exporter of cold formed & special fasteners, including studs, screws, bolts and bent products in steel, alloy... [Company Profile]

  • Ford Atlantic Fastener Corp. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier Of Fasteners, Including Screws, Washers, Studs, Bolts, Pins, Nuts, Metal... [Company Profile]

  • Melfast, Inc. Distributor Of OEM Fasteners Available In Monel®, Stainless Steel & A Wide Range Of Other Materials, Metric Sizes, Lengths... [Company Profile]

  • Norwood Screw Machine Parts Manufacturer Of Screw Machining Fasteners, Including Custom & Standard Washers, Nuts & Screws. [Company Profile]

  • World Fasteners, Inc. Global supplier of fasteners with over 195 million fasteners in stock. [Company Profile]

  • Associated Fastening Products, Inc. ISO 9001 & ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Distributor Of Special And Standard Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • B & D Thread Rolling, Inc. ISO 9000 & ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturers of carbon steel and alloy cold headed fasteners for customers worldwide. [Company Profile]

  • Bolt Products, Inc. Distributor of standard and specialty threaded fasteners for various applications. [Company Profile]

  • Cordova Bolt, Inc. Manufacturer of a broad range of special & standard hardware and fasteners, including wire rope fittings, machine tool repair... [Company Profile]

  • Valco®/Valley Tool & Die, Inc. Manufacturer of fasteners for shelving & racking fixtures, automotive, construction, sports, marine, mining... [Company Profile]

  • Zero Fasteners ISO 9001 Manufacturer & Exporters Of Industrial Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Arlington Fastener Co. Manufacturer, exporter & supplier of bolts & other fasteners in steel, brass, bronze & copper. [Company Profile]

  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc. ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, exporter & distributor of fasteners, aerospace hardware & aircraft components, electronic hardware... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Rex Fastening Systems, Ltd - Manufacturer & Exporter Of Fasteners, Anchors, Fastening Systems & Other Industrial Products

  • Montrose Fasteners Ltd - Supplier of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Rivets, Bolts and Other Types of Fasteners

  • Holding Company Region Plus - Manufacturer & Supplier of Hardware Products

  • Garton International - Complete Range Of Industrial Fasteners Such As Screws, Bolts & Other Fasteners

  • ANEMO ENGINEERING BVBA - Supplier of Specialty Fasteners For Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Military, Aeronautical & Railway Applications

  • Balls Fasteners - Industrial & Specialty Fastener Manufacturer and Fasteners Exporter

  • Willcox Gibbs A.S. - Manufacturer of Plastic Staples On Rolls & Plastic Staple Attacher Machines

  • Interclamp - Manufacturer of Hand Rail Clamps, Safety Railing Fittings & Slip-On Tube & Pipe Clamps

  • Global Engineering Systems FZC - Supplier Of Bolts, Screws & Other Construction Fasteners

  • Anchor Bolt & Screw ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer & Master Distributor Of Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Fasteners & Metal Products Corp. Supplier of a broad range of custom and standard fasteners for industrial, aircraft, marine and window applications. [Company Profile]

  • Assembly Products, Inc Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Custom & Special Industrial Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Global Fastener & Supply, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Distributor Of A Complete Line Of Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • FM Stainless Fastenings Manufacturer, designer and supplier of stainless steel fasteners for industry. [Company Profile]

  • Tamper-Pruf Screws, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of tamper resistant security screws in a broad range of materials, sizes and head styles. [Company Profile]

  • B & G Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer of Precision Machined Fasteners & Parts, Threaded Fasteners, Components And Fittings. [Company Profile]

  • John Hassall, Inc. ISO 9001-2000 & QS 9000 certified manufacturer & supplier of special formed fasteners, bolts, screws, nails, rivets... [Company Profile]

  • Penn Engineering PennEngineering® Is The Sole Manufacturer Of PEM® Self-Clinching And Broaching Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Rumco Fastener ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and supplier of SEMS fasteners made of stainless steel, brass, silicon bronze, aluminum... [Company Profile]

  • Chicago Nut & Bolt, Inc. Manufacturer of Specialty-Non Standard Fasteners Produced in All Types of Steel & Head Types. [Company Profile]

  • Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer A Complete Line Of Nylon Fasteners & Precision Plastic Fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Faztek Manufacturer of T-slotted aluminum extrusions and components, T-nuts, fasteners, hinges, handles, and many other... [Company Profile]

  • Elgin Fastener Group Group of fastener manufacturers, including Precision Screw and Bolt, Leland-Powell Fasteners, Ohio Rod Products & Chandler... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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