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Power Supply Directory & Guide

North America

  • Texol-US - Manufacturer of Generators Such As Gas, Hydrogen & Nitrogen Generators

  • 360 Generators - Supplier of Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Powered Generators & Other Types

  • Battery Fixers - Battery Recondtioning Specialists Providing On-Site Reconditioning of All Types Of Batteries For Industry

  • USP&E Diesel Generators - International Dealers Of Diesel Generators Specializing In CAT, Cummins & All Major Diesel Generator Brands

  • E1 Dynamics - Texas-Based Distributor Of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Protection & Power Supply Equipment

  • Bowers Diesel Generators - Supplier of Factory Direct Diesel Generators & Electric Generators From Various Manufacturers

  • Batteries Plus - Specializing In Replacement Batteries, Battery Packs & Allied Products With 300+ Stores Nationwide

  • Alternative Power Generation - Specializing In Environmentally-Safe Alternative Power Generation & Microturbine Technology Solutions

  • Horlick Co. - Sells A Full Line of Electric Motor Generator Sets, Power Converter & Frequency Converters

  • Surplus Generation Equipment - Supplier of New & Used Gas Turbines, Steal & Wind Turbines & Other Power Generation Equipment

  • Critical Power Exchange, LLC - Supplier Of New & Used Power Supply Equipment, Generators, Transformers & Power Distribution Units

  • Magna-Power Electronics - Manufacturer of High-Power DC Power Supplies

  • Martek Power Abbott - Manufacturer of Power Supplies & Power Converters & Inverters For A Large Range Of Applications

  • Diesel Generator Site - SDMO Generators, Electric Generators & Industrial Diesel Generators From 8kW to 2800kW

  • Battery Values - Supplier of Cell Phone Batteries, Computer Battery & Laptop Computer Battery At Competitive Prices

  • Martek Power Abbott, Inc - Manufacturer of AC/DC Power Supplies, Converters & Inverters

  • Diesel Generators - Supplier of Top Brand Industrial & Residential Diesel Generators

  • Supreme Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures NiMh, NiCd, Alkaline, Heavy Duty Batteries, Battery Packs & Nimh/NiCd Battery Chargers...

  • Vale Distribution Company - Supplier of Power Supplies & High Voltage Power Supply Equipment.

  • Canada Battery, Inc. - Forklift, Battery & Charger Sales & Service

  • ACF PowerGen - Standby MQ Power & Gillette Generators Systems

  • Yancheng Jingwei Intl Group Co., Ltd - Supplier Of Gas & Diesel Generator Sets

  • Cummins Power Systems Manufacturer & supplier of power systems, generators, gensets and related equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Astec Power ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & designer of AC-DC & DC-DC power supplies for various industries and applications. [Company Profile]

  • Air & Electric Equipment Company Distributor of generators and power equipment, including uninterruptible power systems, motor starters, AC/DC motors, electric... [Company Profile]

  • POWER NOW, LLC Distributor Of A Variety Of Generators, Portable Generators, Industrial Generators, RV Generators, Home Standby Generators... [Company Profile]

  • Power Systems Electric, Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of custom generator sets (Gensets) for engines applicable with Isuzu, Ford, Newage-Stamford... [Company Profile]

  • Steven Engineering Supplier of AC & DC power supplies, including back-up power equipment, custom regulated & uninterruptible power equipment... [Company Profile]

  • Power Equipment Direct Supplier of gensets and assemblies, including standby power generator sets and portable generator sets for furnance fans... [Company Profile]

  • Sunturn Power Products Co. ISO 9002 certified manufacturer and exporter of power equipment, including portable gasoline generator sets and batteries. [Company Profile]

  • Potrans International, Inc. ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of power supplies and power conversion products. [Company Profile]

  • Pulizzi Engineering, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of AC power supplies and control systems for mainframe computer systems. [Company Profile]

  • SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter of Custom Transformers & Global Supplier Of Magnetics For Machine Tool, Medical, UPS, Radio Broadcast... [Company Profile]

  • Lenco Electronics Inc. Manufactures & designs all types of standard & custom made transformers manufactured to customer specifications... [Company Profile]

  • BMZ Generators Technology, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of generators & engine power equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Westerbeke Corp. Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial, Gasoline & Diesel Generators, Marine Diesel Engines, Heating & Air Conditioning Units... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • HF SM Power AB - Manufacturer of Power Supplies For Medical, Commercial & Industrial Power Supply Applications

  • Genesis Power Systems - Supplier of Power Generators (Caterpillar Olympian) and Allied Equipment

  • BioDieselMach Ltd - Manufacturer of Industrial Scale Biodiesel Processing Systems

  • AAFCO INTERNATIONAL - Manufacturer of Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems & Power Condtioning Equipments

  • United Electronics Corp. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & supplier of industrial generators, portable generators, generating sets & generating systems. [Company Profile]

  • DynaTech Industries Ltd. Custom manufacturer and distributor of emergency power generator sets. [Company Profile]

  • Storage Battery Systems, Inc. ISO 9001 manufacturer of generators, including single & three phase uninterruptible power supply systems. [Company Profile]

  • Battery Specialties ISO 9002 manufacturer & supplier of batteries for industrial and commercial markets. [Company Profile]

  • Supreme Battery Manufacturer of batteries, custom battery packs and battery assemblies. [Company Profile]

  • Spark Industries, LLC Manufacturer of transformers for high voltage and a broad range of other applications. [Company Profile]

  • Ametek HDR Power Systems, Inc. Manufacturer, Designer & Exporter Of Power Control Supplies For Industrial Markets. [Company Profile]

  • Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of stock & custom power supplies for industrial, telecommunications, medical, labortatory, medical... [Company Profile]

  • Applied Power Systems, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer Of Custom and Standard MOSFET, IGBT & SCR Drivers and Power Supply Products. [Company Profile]

  • Steven Engineering Distributor of various power systems, equipment & supplies, including electrical/electronic components, distribution cabinets... [Company Profile]

  • Neeltran Inc. Manufacturer of Power Equipment, Supplies, Industrial DC Rectifiers, Custom Magnetic Components & Specialty Transformers. [Company Profile]

  • Vicor Corp Manufacturer & designer of power supplies & equipment, including AC/DC power, DC/DC converters & converter modules. [Company Profile]

  • Interpower Corporation Interpower Corporation, based in beautuful Iowa, designs transformers, distribution units, cordsets, testing and safety... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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