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Enclosures Directory & Guide

North America

  • Mammoth Designs Inc. - Custom Manufacturer of UTV Full Cab Enclosures & Other Aftermarket Accessories

  • Noise Control and Soundproofing Products Inc. - Manufacturer of Noise Control Enclosures & Acoustical Enclosures For Industrial Applications

  • PC Enclosures, Inc. - Manufacturer of Industrial PC Enclosures and Rugged Computer Cabinets For Tough Environments

  • Carlisle Plastics Company, Inc - Manufacturer of Plastic & Vinyl Closures, Caps, Dust Covers, Thread & Shipping Protectors & Masking Caps

  • Bay State Metal Products, Inc. Manufacturer of enclosures and precision metal products, including hazardous material housing enclosures, electric enclosures... [Company Profile]

  • Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Co. Manufacturer/fabricator of custom precision enclosures such as computer cabinets, consoles, keyboard boxes and custom... [Company Profile]

  • Elma Electronic, Inc. Manufacturer, Designer & Exporter Of Electronic Enclosures. [Company Profile]

  • PSI Extrusions ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Enclosures & Custom Metal Products. [Company Profile]

  • APC American Power Conversion ISO 9002 & ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of enclosures, including rack mount enclosures, NEMA rated enclosures... [Company Profile]

  • Link-Burns Manufacturing Co., Inc. ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of precision sheet metal enclosures and other metal products. [Company Profile]

  • Salem Metal Fabricators, Inc. Custom manufacturer and precision sheet metal fabricator of industrial enclosures, brackets and panels. [Company Profile]

  • CFW Precision Metal Components Manufacturer Of Electronic Enclosures In Square, Rectangular & Round Shapes For Industrial, Medical, Automotive... [Company Profile]

  • EVS METAL Manufacturer & exporter of precision sheet metal products, including enclosures, panels, brackets, weldments... [Company Profile]

  • Multi-Metal & Manufacturing Co., Inc. ISO 9001 custom manufacturer of precision sheet metal products, including enclosures, frames, guides, heat sinks, chassis... [Company Profile]

  • Akron Electric, Inc. Manufacturer of industrial enclosures. Including explosion-proof junction boxes, external flange enclosures... [Company Profile]

  • Vynckier Enclosure Systems, Inc. Non-Metallic Industrial Enclosures Manufacturer For signalization, mining, public lighting, shipyards, traffic control... [Company Profile]

  • Equipto Electronics Corp. Manufactures small electronic enclosures in a variety of custom widths, lengths, spacing & depths. Including instrument cabinets... [Company Profile]

  • Bellcomb Technologies Inc. Custom Manufacturer of Enclosures For Industrial & Commercial Markets. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • B&R Enclosures - Leading Manufacturer of Electrical Enclosures, Industrial Enclosures and Allied Products

  • Eldon - Manufacturer of Electronic & Electrical Enclosures and other Enclosure Systems For Various Applications

  • Tempa Sistem - Manufacturer Of Electrical Enclosures & Type Tested Enclosures

  • HQC Limited - Manufacturer Of Sheet Metal Enclosures & Components (UK)

  • Plastic Fabricators, Inc. Plastic Enclosure Manufacturer, Including Vacuum and Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures, Belt and Machinery Guards... [Company Profile]

  • Accu-Fab, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of enclosures and cabinets made of sheet metal, carbon & galvanized steel or stainless... [Company Profile]

  • Signature Enclosures, Inc. Manuufacturer of a fiberglass enclosures for a broad range of applications such as chemical, water & sewage, marine, food... [Company Profile]

  • Altech Corp. Manufacturer of industrial enclosures suitable for harsh environments that require stong built enclosures. [Company Profile]

  • Rose Manufacturing, LLC Manufacturer of sheet metal enclosures, cabinets, small stampings, bracket components, sinks, chassis and custom sinks. [Company Profile]

  • Panagraphics, Inc. Manufactures custom made sheet metal enclosures and other sheet metal products. [Company Profile]

  • WireCrafters/Wire Crafters, LLC Manufacturer of enclosures & partitions. Including 840 Woven Wire Partition System & DEA Approved Enclosures. [Company Profile]

  • Hope Electrical Products Co., Inc. Manufacturer of industrial enclosures, explosion-proof enclosures, dust tight & weatherproof enclosures. [Company Profile]

  • Standard Injection Molding, Co. (SIMCO) Manufacturers Of Plastic Enclosures For Laboratory, Telecommunication, Electronic Instruments, Hand-Held Devices, Medical... [Company Profile]

  • Fabtech Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer of electronic enclosures and industrial enclosures. Product line includes: steel tube frame assemblies, dials... [Company Profile]

  • Hoffman Designers & manufacturer of enclosures and electrical equipment for commercial and industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • Maysteel, LLC Manufactures metal enclosures to customer specifications for a broad range of applications & markets. [Company Profile]

  • ITAC Systems ITAC Systems is a Texas-based manufacturer of durable computer enclosures & ergonomic trackballs designed for harsh environments. [Company Profile]

  • Fibox Inc. Custom manufacturer of nonmetallic, plastic enclosures designed to be durable & corrosion resistant electronics & electrical... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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