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Electronic Components Directory & Guide

North America

HMB Electronics - Woman-owned, ISO 9001:2008 certified stocking distributor of name brand electronic components with discount pricing and same day shipments.

Easy Braid Co. - Specializing In Electronics & Rework/Repair, PCB Inspection and Allied Solutions

New Dimensions International, Inc. - Supplier of Integrated Circuits & Other Electronic Components For Military & Commercial Applications

PA&E - Manufacturer Of Micro-Electronic Hermetic Packaging, EMI Filters & Interconnect Products

Marktech Optoelectronics - Full Service Distributor of LEDs and Optoelectronic Components For Industry

RS Electronics - Electronics Distributors Offering A Wide Range Of Electronic Components Since 1990

Reliable Electronics Corp. - Supplier of Electronic Components, Obsolete Integrated Circuits, Semiconductors & Other Electronic Components

Bid-Service LLC - Dealer Of Semiconductor Processing Equipment & Other High-Tech Products For Various Markets

netCOMPONENTS Electronic Component Sourcing - Supplier of Electronic Components Such As Integrated Circuits, Semiconductors & Other Electronic Components

4 Star Electronics, Inc. - Electronics Distributor of Obsolete Electronic Components Such As Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits

Beganto, Inc. - Electronic Engineers Specializing In Application Engineering, Component Engineering & Allied Services

Melitron Corporation - Manufacturer & Exporter of Electronic Enclosures, Electronic Metal Components & Assemblies

Capovani Brothers Inc. - International Dealer Of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment & Allied Products

Whitaker Smith Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer & Supplier of Electronic Test & Electrical Testing Instrumentation & Control Systems

Shax Engineering and Systems - Specializing In PCB Layout, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, PCB Design, Fabrication & Allied Services

B&K Precision - Manufacturer of Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes & Other Electronic Test Equipment

Contract Manufacturing India - PCB Contract Manufacturing and Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Manufacturer

Cal Quality Electronics - Specializing In PCB Assembly, Electronic High Mix Manufacturing & Related Services

Kientec Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of Specialty Fiber Optic Products For Medical & Aerospace Applications

INSTOCK Wireless Components, Inc - Designer & Manufacturer of RF Microwave Power Divider Power Combiner & Power Splitter Models

All-Spec Industries - Supplier of ESD & Non-ESD Products For Electronic Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Repair & Service Applications

eComp - Electronic Components, Inc - Obsolete and Legacy Electronic Components Distributor & Engineering

Glass Blowing Luxury - Manufacturer of Electronic Light Bulbs & Aurelle Deck Lights

AAPCB Assembly - Colorado Manufacturer Specializing In SMT, BGA & PCB Assembly

AMPTECH INC. - Contract Manufacturer of Circuit Boards, Wire Harness & PCB Assembly

Splicetronics - OEM Electronics Manufacturer - Splice, SMT & Shims

Glassmaster Controls Company, Inc. ISO 9000 & QS 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Designer Of Electronic Circuit Board Controls, Electronic Control Systems... [Company Profile]

GAMA Electronics Inc. Manufacturer & Designer Of Electronic Assemblies And Electromechanical Assemblies For Aerospace, Marine, Industrial... [Company Profile]

Connexions, Inc. Custom electronic cable assemblies & electronic connectors contract manufacturer. [Company Profile]

Newark InOne ISO 9002 certified international distributor & supplier of electronic equipment & electronic components. [Company Profile]

CSI Electronics Contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies, including PCB design & assemblies, enclosures, harnesses and complex cable... [Company Profile]

Excel Industrial Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer & distributor of variable speed drive and motion control products for industrial, electronic, electrical, OEM parts... [Company Profile]

Electro-Pro, Inc. Designs and manufactures custom electronic control systems for commercical and industrial markets. [Company Profile]

Asia Sourcing Corp. ISO 9002 & ISO 9000 certified importer & distributor of electronic assemblies, mechanical & electromechanical assemblies. [Company Profile]

Diversified Assembly Technologies Corp. ISO 9002 Certified Custom & Contract Manufacturer Of Electronic Assemblies, Electromechanical Assemblies... [Company Profile]

Jameco Electronic Components & Computer Products Distributor & Supplier Of Electronic Components & Equipment For Various Industries. [Company Profile]

Plastron Industries, Inc. Manufacturer & UL Certified Precision Injection Molder Of Custom & Standard Electronic Components. [Company Profile]

Shokai Far East, Ltd. Manufacturer of electronic assemblies, devices, materials & electronic mechanical components. [Company Profile]

Heyco Products ISO 9000 Manufacturer Of Wire Protection & Positioning Products. [Company Profile]

Andrew Technologies, Inc. ISO 9000 Manufacturer Of Electromechanical, Electronic, Mechanical & Sub-Assemblies Products. [Company Profile]

UK, Europe & Australia

    RXPE - Manufacturer of Power Electronics (SVS, SVG) and Allied Products For Various Applications

    Entropi Engineering - Electronics Manufacturer Specializing In Electornic Control Card (Contollers) & Electronic Operator Panel

    Quantum EDS Ltd - Specializing In Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, Engineering & Product Solutions

    Quantum CAD - Printed Circuit Board & Electronic Components Design, PCB Engineering & Design and Allied Services

    ELMO partner - AGMA - Manufacturer Of High-Density Servo Amplifiers & Digital Servo Drives

    BEI LLC Better Electronics ISO 9001:2000 certified custom contract manufacturer of electronics. [Company Profile]

    Technology Design Center Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic assemblies & sub-assemblies. [Company Profile]

    RAM Industries, Inc. Electronics manufacturer of standard & custom motor and control products for OEM applications. [Company Profile]

    MEC - Milwaukee Electronics Co. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and engineers of electronic products for a broad range of industries. [Company Profile]

    SMS Technologies, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified electronic manufacturer, including electronic assemblies, microelectronic assemblies, miniature... [Company Profile]

    Segue Electronics, Inc. ISO 9002 certified contract manufacturer of OEM electronic assemblies. Including heatsinks, extrusions, stampings, busbars... [Company Profile]

    1 Source Electronic Components, Inc. Stocking distributors & global suppliers of electronic components for industrial, military, CEM's, OEM's, automotive... [Company Profile]

    MTS Microelectronics, Inc. Manufacturer of microelectronic devices and electronic components. [Company Profile]

    Tyco Electronics Corp. ISO 9001 & IS0 9000 certified manufacturer of electronic components, devices, electronic sub-assenblies, assemblies, systems... [Company Profile]

    Alpha Omega Swiss, Inc. ISO 9002 & ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of electronic components, swiss screw machine products, mechanisms, tools... [Company Profile]

    TURCK, Inc. Manufacturer & suppplier of RFID Wireless Sensors, Inductive & Capacitive Proximity Switches & Sensors, Tubular & Limit... [Company Profile]

    Automation Direct Georgia (US) based distributor offering over 5,000 industrial automation products from Eaton, Hitachi, Fuji Electric, Cutler-Hammer... [Company Profile]

    Crane Aerospace & Electronics Designer, manufacturer & supplier of electronic manufacturing, microelectronics, microwave & power supplies for medical... [Company Profile]

    Boca Micro Technology, Inc. an international distributor of electronic components, active, passive and electromechanical... [Company Profile]

Asia & Middle East

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