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Electrical Supply Directory & Guide

North America

  • RS Electrical Supply - Supplier of Circuit Breakers, Transformers & Other Electrical Equipment

  • Online Electric Supply - Supplier of Electrical Supplies & Electric Equipment Since 1997

  • Sun & Stars Lighting, Inc. - Supplier of Energy Saving Lighting (Energy-Efficient Lighting Equipment) For Industrial and Other Markets

  • Panel Lockout - Manufacturer of Electronic and Electrical Tamperproof Devices Such As Lockout Tagout Equipment

  • Gordon Electric Supply - Electrical Supply Distributor Offering A Full-Line of Electrical Supplies & Equipment

  • Chloride - Manufacturer of Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting & Other Commercial Lighting Equipment

  • Advanced Supply Limited - Distributor Of Various Automation & Electrical Components and Other Industrial MRO Products

  • Indo USA Placements - Specializing In Low Voltage Switchgear, Medium & High Voltage Switchgear Products & Solutions

  • LDPI, Inc. - Manufacturer Of Explosion-Proof Industrial Lighting, Commercial Lighting & Allied Products Since 1980

  • Insulation Business Consultants - Insulation Business Consultants Specializing In Energy Saving Products Such As Insulated Electrical Boxes

  • J Melton International - Maryland-Based Supplier of Closeout Electrical Supplies and Industrial Supply Products

  • The Electrical Exchange - On-Line Marketplace To Buy/Sell Surplus Electrical Equipment & Supply

  • Eurton Electric - Specializes In Electric Motor Rewinding & Rebuilding Services, Tools & Solutions For All Electric Motors

  • Albatross UV - Manufacturer Of UV Curing Lamps For Industrial, Scientific & Research Applications

  • Circuit Breaker Service - Supplier of New, Used & Refurbished Circuit Breakers and Other Electrical Supply Equipment

  • elecDirect LLC - Distributor of Electrical Products & Tools With Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over 100

  • Industrial Live - Supplier of Electric Motors, Variable Drives, PLCs and Allied Products

  • Starbright Led - National Supplier of LEDs, LED Light Bar and LED Strip Basr For Bright White Light Needs

  • Electric Cord Sets, Inc. - Manufacturer & Supplier of Electric Cords & Power Supply Cord To International Standards

  • Electrical Supply Net - Manufacturer & Supplier of Electrical Supplies, Equipment & Electrical Supply Solutions

  • MGM Electrical Surplus Company, Inc - Dealer of Electrical Supply Equipment, Transformers, Electrical Surplus & Allied Products

  • Norberg-IES - Electrial Supply Distributor Offering Electrical Fuses, Custom Control Panels, Electrical Enclosures, Mountings & Much More

  • MagniFlood Poles & Floods - Manufacturer of Luminaires Such As Poles, Floods, Lanterns, Wall Fixtures & Roadway Lighting

  • Repco Incorporated - Manufacturer of Carbon Brushes, Electrical Contacts & Control Coils

  • C-US-4 Surplus - New & Used Electrical Motors, VFDs & PLCs

  • Gaurang Electronic Industries - Manufacturer of Electrical & Electronic Components

  • American UV Lamp - UV Curing Lamps & Microwave Bulbs Manufacturer

  • PIAB Vacuum Products ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of electrical supplies and a variety of industrial products for chemical, robotic... [Company Profile]

  • Allied Sinterings, Inc. Manufacturer of micro miniature powdered metal electrical and electronic components in custom and precision designs. [Company Profile]

  • KORD KING Manufacturer Of Electrical Power Cords For Medical Equipment, Appliance, Refrigeration Equipment, Small Tool, Business... [Company Profile]

  • Interstate Wire Co., Inc. ISO 9002 Certified Distributor Of UL & CSA Listed Electrical Supplies, Including Cable, Wire, Connectors & Tubing. [Company Profile]

  • Devar, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Designer & Manufacturer Data Recording & Process Control Devices. [Company Profile]

  • Merrimac Industrial Sales Distributor of industrial electrical supplies and equipment, equipment heating equipment, terminal blocks, enclosures, fuses... [Company Profile]

  • ERICO, INC. Designer & manufacturer of precision engineered specialty metal products such as Railroad and mining signals... [Company Profile]

  • GEORATOR CORP. Designer & Manufacturer Of A Full Line Of Power Frequency Converter Products. [Company Profile]

  • All Electronics Hardware Manufacturer of various electrical supplies, including cable ties & accessories, wire connectors, plastic fasteners... [Company Profile]

  • A & S Electric Supply, Inc. Electrical supply distributor offering a broad range of electrical components and accessories. [Company Profile]

  • Valley Electric Supply Wholesaler of electrical equipment & supplies. Product line includes: motor starters, relays & motor control equipment... [Company Profile]

  • Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. Wiring Devices (ISO 9001) Manufacturer & Exporter Offering Over 30,000 Types For OEM, Industrial, Institutional, Commercial... [Company Profile]

  • Aldan Electric Supply Distributor of electrical supplies & equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Niagara Caps & Plugs Manufacturers Of Products To Protect Electrical & Electronic Connectors, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings, Pipes Hose... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • AJS City Electrics - Specializing In Electrical Maintenance, Repair, Electrical Supply & Service

  • NOJA Power Switchgear - Manufacturer of Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear, Control Panels & Related Products

  • Unicsis Technologies - Global Supplier of High-Power LED Lighting Products For Commerical, Industrial & Other Markets

  • DLServe - Supplier of Electrical Insulation, Mica and Thermal Insulation Materials For Small To Large Projects

  • AB KOMPONENTY s.r.o. - Manufacturer & Exporter of Electrical Components Such As Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, Tranformers and More

  • Youngs Electrical - Supplier of Halogen Bulb, Energy Saving Bulb & LED Bulb

  • PLM Illumination - Manufacturer of Lighting Equipment For Landscape & Garden Applications

  • Echo Industries Manufacturer of electrical supplies and metal forming products for manufacturing/industrial, construction, military... [Company Profile]

  • The Mohawk Manufacturing Co. ISO 9001:2000 manufacturers of custom electrical terminals & welded contact terminals, custom tapped stampings. [Company Profile]

  • Ready Electric Supply Supplier of lighting equipment, lighting fixtures and electrical supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Dial Lighting Industrial supplier of electrical safety supplies and related equipment for US manufacturers. [Company Profile]

  • FUSESCO Supplier electrical fuses and fuse accessories for the electrical industry, plant electricians, electrical engineers, OEM designers... [Company Profile]

  • Torpedo Specialty Wire, Inc. ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturer & exporter of electrical wire, terminals and other electrical supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Hoffman Products ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer, Exporter & Distributor of Electrical Supplies and Various UL/CSA Certified Products. [Company Profile]

  • RENA Electrical supplies distributor for photo processing, medical devices, health products, home decor products, product displays... [Company Profile]

  • Kleinhuis North America, Inc ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Wiring Devices & Electrical Supplies Available In Stainless Steel, Pre-Galvanized... [Company Profile]

  • W. H. Salisbury & Co. Manufacturer of Electrical Safety Products & Supplies. Including Grounding/Bypass Jumpers, Hot Sticks, Rubber Gloves & Sleeves... [Company Profile]

  • International Configurations, Inc. ISO-9000 Certified Manufacturer & International Supplier of Multiple Outlet Power Strips, Plug Adapters, Cord Sets, Electrical... [Company Profile]

  • MTI Instruments Inc. Leading designer & manufacturer of non-contact measurement systems. [Company Profile]

  • Extech Instruments Supplier of hand-held test and measurement equipment for manufacturing applications. Including clamps, DMMs... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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