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Drilling Machines & Drills Directory & Guide

North America

  • T & T Bit Service LLC - Supplier of New & Used Drill Bits For All Drilling Applications

  • Safari Diamond Bits Ltd - Manufacturing of Drilling Equipment Specializing In Diamond Drill Core Bits & Allied Products

  • Get Drilling Supplies - Supplier of Drilling Fluids, Diamond Drill Bits, DTH Hammers & Other Drilling Supplies

  • Atokon Drilling Technologies - Supplier of Drill Bits, Casing Accessories & Other Downhole Deep Drilling Tools

  • Hydraulic and Fabrication Services Inc. - Manufacturer of Custom Drilling Equipment For Offshore & Land Drilling Applications

  • Applied Machinery - Manufactures, Repairs & Rebuilds Land Drilling Rigs, Drilling Equipment and Components

  • Multi-Power Products Ltd. - Manufacturer Of RC Drilling, Track and Core Drilling Equipment & Allied Components

  • Perkins Drilling Tools, Inc. - An Authorized Repair Facility for Varco, BJ, Web Wilson, Baash Ross and Joy Drilling Equipment

  • REV Drill Sales and Rentals Inc. - Designs & Manufactures Short Auger Drills, Rock Drilling Equipment and Other Drilling Tools & Solutions

  • Victory Rig Equipment Corporation - Manufacturer of Drilling Rig, Service Rig, Top Drive & Auxilary Equipment For The Global Oil Drilling Marketplace

  • First Corp International Inc - Specializing In The Supply Of Roller Tricon & PDC Bits For Oil Well & Water Applications

  • US Synthetic - Manufacturer of Diamond Drill Bits, Carbide Drill Bits, Diamond Core Drill Bit & Inserts For Oil & Gas Market

  • Precision Air Drilling Services Inc. - Specializing In Drilling Services, Including Air Drilling & Underbalanced Drilling

  • Precision Air Drilling Services Inc. - Specializing In Air Drilling and Underbalanced Drilling Services

  • Midwest Oil & Gas - Supplier of Offshore Drilling Rigs, Land Drilling Rigs, Mud Pumps & Power Generators

  • Master Rig International - Oilfield & Drilling Equipment, Supplies, Parts & Repair Services

  • Kingsland Drill International, Inc - Global Supplier of Drill Pipe, Rods & Tube For Construction, Waterwell, Oil/Gas, Mining & Horizontal Directional Applications

  • Givens International Drilling Supplies, Inc. Supplier of drilling equipment and supplies for waterwell, mining/mineral and drilling industries. [Company Profile]

  • Direct Tools & Fasteners Distributor of a variety of drills, including hammer drills, drill press, magnetic drills, carbide & auger drills, cordless drills, diamond... [Company Profile]

  • Ulven Forging, Inc. Well drilling equipment manufacturer specializing in products constructed in forged and cast steel alloy for OEM markets... [Company Profile]

  • D.L. Ricci Corp. Custom manufacturer & exporter of drilling tools used with hydraulic machinery. [Company Profile]

  • Blackalloy Company of America, Inc. Specializing in the production of automated drilling systems, precision self-feeding drill units and accesories, feed controls... [Company Profile]

  • Reed Tool Company ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer Of Rotary Drilling Oil Well Bits And Other Oil & Gas Well Equipment & Supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Energy Equipment Corp. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer Of Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment, Including Control Parts, Valves, Chokes and Oil & Gas... [Company Profile]

  • Suhner Manufacturing, Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of automated drilling and tapping equipment and accesories. [Company Profile]

  • Atlantic Screen & Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer & exporter of oil, well & tank drilling equipment and supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Suhner Manufacturing Inc. ISO 9000 manufacturer & exporter of abrasive power tools & accessories. [Company Profile]

  • E.C. Tool & Supply Co. US Based Manufacturer, Exporters & Supplier Of Oilfield Drilling Equipment And Supplies. [Company Profile]

  • CS Unitec, Inc. Supplier Of Portable Core Drilling Machines For Concrete & Industrial Power Tools. [Company Profile]

  • Zagar Inc. Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier Of Multiple Drilling, Tapping & Reaming Machinery. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Drill-Quest Drilling Equipment - Supplier of Drilling Rigs, Spare Parts and Other Drilling Equipment

  • Well Equipments International s.r.l. - Manufacturer & Exporter of Hydraulic Drilling Rig & Allied Drilling Equipment

  • Hanjin Drilling - Manufacturer & Exporter of HDD Drilling Machines, Drill Rigs & Other Quality Drilling Equipment

  • RTE Group - Manufacturer of Drilling Fluids and Oilfield Drilling Chemicals

  • SWEDPARTS HAMBURG - Offshore & Onshore Midsteam, Upstream & Downstream Equipment, Supplies, Components & Accessories

  • Geoma Georgi Manolov - Manufacturer of Diamond Core Bits & Drilling Accessories Meeting International Standards

  • Anderson & Forrester Manufacturer of standard & custom made high speed drill gages and steel gauging drills. [Company Profile]

  • Blackalloy Co. Of America, Inc. Manufacturer & exporter of precision drill units and accessories for packaging, plumbing, wood furniture... [Company Profile]

  • Online Services, Inc. Manufacturer of precision drilling equipment and supplies for deburring, deflashing & specialty applications. [Company Profile]

  • John M. Rowe, Inc. Supplier & manufacturers' representatives of drilling equipment and supplies since 1971. [Company Profile]

  • Collis Tool Corp. Manufacturer & supplier of center, reamer, drill-combined drills and other drilling equipment and supplies. [Company Profile]

  • Sonic-Mill ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & exporter of drilling equipment & supplies for industry. [Company Profile]

  • Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of drilling equipment and supplies for foundry, construction, aircraft, automotive and assembly... [Company Profile]

  • Canadian Flexi Drills Corp. Manufacturer And Designer Of High Grade Drill Bits For Industrial, Security, Electrical & Commercial Applications. [Company Profile]

  • Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. ISO 9001 & ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Precision Drilling Systems And Replaceable Tip Drilling System. [Company Profile]

  • Central Drill Parts & Machinery, Inc. Sells new & reconditioned drilling & hydraulic equipment, parts and supplies for a broad range of drilling applications. [Company Profile]

  • Alaskaug, Inc. Alaskaug sells a range of drilling heads, augers designed maximum adaptibility. [Company Profile]

  • Higgins Rig Co. Kentucky based Buyer, Seller, Importer and Exporter of water well drilling rig equipment. [Company Profile]

  • KOR-IT Inc. Global supplier of diamond core drill bits, diamond saw blades, portable core drill machines, handheld drills... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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