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Cutting Tools Directory & Guide

North America

  • Ferguson Tools Inc. - Leading Manufacturer of Quality Cutting Tools Since 1990

  • WeCutFoam - Foam Cutters Specializing In All Kinds Of Foam Cutting Services For Various Industries

  • Leading Edge Waterjet Ltd. - Specializing In Precision Water-jet Cutting Services.

  • pgsTools - On-Line Supplier Of Carbide Inserts & Cutting Tools

  • Diamond Blade Dealer - Manufactures A Full Line Of Blades Such As Diamond Blades, Saw Blades & Other Types

  • Jet Edge - International Designer & Manufacturer Of Waterjet Cutting Systems & Other Water Jet Equipment

  • Forrest Manufacturing - Manufacturer of Industrial Bandsaws, Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Bandsaws & Other Equipment

  • Cost Cutting Blades (Div. of Specialty Tool LLC) - Supplier Of Quality Diamond Blades, Core Bits & Other Diamond Tools & Allied Products

  • Applied Robotics, Inc. - Manufacturer of the Torchmate Line of CNC Shape Cutting Machines

  • Chase Diamond Products - Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Diamond Blades, Diamond Tools, Ring Saw & Other Cutting Tools

  • Dynatech-Diamond - Supplier of Diamond Saw Blades, Concrete Saws, Core Drill Bits & Other Diamond Products

  • JW Coleman Supply - Distributor of Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Safety Supplies, Welding Equipment, Material Handling, Tools & More

  • Compound Manufacturing LLC - Manufacturer & Supplier of Specialized Tools & Parts For Paper Cutters

  • NYCL Company, NYCL Group, TS NYCL - Manufacturer of Industrial Diamond Saw Blades, Tools & Cutting Accessories

  • R. Murphy Company, Inc. - Industrial Knives Manufacturer & Exporter

  • American Blade Source, Inc. - Supplier Of Industrial Machine Knives, Slitters, Cutters...

  • Duncan Equipment Company ISO 9002 certified distributor of cutting tools such as steel knives & steel saws. [Company Profile]

  • Micro Quality Corp. Supplier of cutting tools, including high speed steel cutting tools, cobalt cutting tools and indexable carbide cutting tools... [Company Profile]

  • J & L Industrial Supply Distributor of a wide range of metal cutting tools, machine tools, metalworking tools and accessories. [Company Profile]

  • Carbide Grinding Co., Inc. Manufacturer, Distributor & Resharpener Of HSS Cutting Tools And Carbide Cutting Tools Since 1974. [Company Profile]

  • Tools For Industry, Inc. Distributor of carbide & HSS cutting tools, including abrasives, files, diamond tools, workholding systems, rotary files... [Company Profile]

  • U.S. SHOP TOOLS Manufacturer And Distributor Of Cutting Tools, Machine Tools And Cccessories. [Company Profile]

  • W.P. & R.S. Mars Co. Minnesota (US) based supplier of cutting tools such as hole saw arbors, tungsten carbide cutters, rotary finning burs... [Company Profile]

  • Keystone Tool Crib Distributor & reconditioner of industrial cutting tools & related equipment from over 200 manufacturers. [Company Profile]

  • Southern Tool & Machine Co. Master distributor of cutting tools & accessories, including mold makers equipment, electrical discharge machining supplies... [Company Profile]

  • Stegman Tool Coompany, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 Certified Designer and Manufacturer Of Cutting Tools. [Company Profile]

  • Midwest Cutting Tools Inc. Manufacturer of carbide & high speed steel cutting tools in standard & custom design. [Company Profile]

  • Southwest Tool Services ISO 9000 Manufacturer & Distributor of Manufacturing & Machine Shop Products. [Company Profile]

  • Tool Fabrication Corp. Manufacturer Of Indexable Cutting Tools Custom Engineered For Superior Performance. [Company Profile]

  • Canadian Flexi Drills Manufacturer & Designers of High Grade Drill Bits For Industrial & Commercial Applications. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • AKKO Makina Takim San. Tic. Ltd - Manufacturer of Boring Tools, Cutting Tools & Allied Equipment

  • eerth-Handling-Systeme GmbH - Manufacturer of Tube Cutting, Pipe Cutting & Tube/Pipe Treatment Machinery & Equipment

  • PETRA Machines Ltd. - Manufacturer of Bandsaw Machine, Metal Cutting Band Saw Machinery & Allied Equipment

  • Brabander Engineering - Manufacturer of Cutting Jig, Cutting Tools and Machined Tools With No Cast Parts

  • RAVNE Knives - Manufacturer of Veneer Knives, Peeling, Chipper & Other Industrial Knives

  • American Broach & Machine Co. Manufactures a complete line of broaching machines, broach cutting tools, holders, pull heads and fixtures. [Company Profile]

  • Custom Tool & Grinding, Inc. Manufacturer and regrinder of custom cutting tools and standard custting tools for industry. [Company Profile]

  • Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc. Manufactures cutting tools for industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • Damen Carbide Tool Co., Inc. Manufacturer of custom carbide cutting tools for industry such as special form cutters, angle & "V" cutters, radius cutters... [Company Profile]

  • Proto-Cutter, Inc. ISO 9001 certified precision carbide cutting tools manufacturer. [Company Profile]

  • Iscar Metals, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer & supplier of ceramic and cutting tools for various metal cutting applications. [Company Profile]

  • Somma Tool Co., Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of cutting tools, circular cut-off tools, cut off blades, broaching tools, blanks, flat & recess... [Company Profile]

  • US Tool, Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of precision cutting tools, carbide, HSS & tooling for special applications. [Company Profile]

  • Penn Tool Co. Supplier, exporter & importer of a broad range of industrial cutting tools. [Company Profile]

  • Tomahawk Tool Service Tomahawk Tool Service is a custom manufacturer of high speed cutting tools. [Company Profile]

  • American Torch Tip Co. Custom manufacturer & supplier of flame cutting equipment for TIG welding, cutting, brazing, gouging, scarfing & heat treating... [Company Profile]

  • Kaltenbach, Inc. Manufacturer Of Plate Processing Machines, CNC Drilling Lines, Sawing & Coping Machines For Structural Fabricators. [Company Profile]

  • AKS Cutting Systems Sells CNC plasma cutting & CNC oxy-fuel cutting machines with hypertherm or innerLogic plasma torch units. [Company Profile]

  • Farley Production Equipment Inc. Offers Plate & Sheet metal Processing Equipment. Including Water Jet Cutting Systems, Plate Working Systems... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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