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Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Directory & Guide

North America

  • Daimer Industries - Supplier of Pressure Washers, Steam Cleaners & Other Cleaning Machines

  • FloorBuffers - Supplier of Floor Buffers, Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Buffing Equipment

  • Bio-Enviro All Natural Enzyme Cleaner - Manufacturer of Green Cleaning Products, Bio-Based Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies

  • Greenshield Direct - Supplier of Industrial Cleaning & Industrial Safety Products For Industry

  • One Source Manufacturers Representatives Inc - Supplier of Absorbents, Degreasers, Hand Cleaners & Other Cleaning Products

  • Matrix - Gardena, California-Based Supplier of Janitorial Equipment, Supplies & Janitorial Services

  • Rivanna Equipment Company - Sales & Service Of Automated Floor Cleaning Equipment For Industrial & Commercial Markets

  • VACC, LLC - Specializing In Vacuum Systems & Cryogenic Equipment Solutions For Industrial & Other Applications

  • Sweepers & Floor Scrubbers - Supplier of Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers & Allied Equipment For Commercial & Industrial Applications

  • Metro Equipment & Chemical Co., Inc. - Supplier of Industrial Sweepers, Floor Scrubbers, Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment & Associated Products

  • Airgle Corporation - Manufacturer & Supplier of Air Purification Systems, Air Cleaners, HEPA Air Purifiers & Allied Products

  • Shop Falcon - Supplier of Compressed Gas Dusters, Signal Horns, Wipes & Cleaning Accessories

  • New Pig Corporation - Manufacturer of Industrial Absorbents & Allied Products For Oil Spill Cleanup & Other Cleaning Applications

  • Hotsy Cleaning Systems - Supplier of High-Pressure Washers, Automatic Parts Washers and Quality Cleaning Equipment

  • Sundance Window Cleaning - Supplier of Glass Cleaner Products For Cleaning Windowns, Mirrors and Other Products

  • Standard Chemical, Inc. - Supplier Of Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies Such As Scrubbers, Dehumdifiers, Drying Equipment & More

  • Scrubber Care Inc. - Supplier of Floor Scrubber Machines, Cleaning Machinery, Commercial & Industrial Floor Scrubbers

  • X-On Cleaning Chemcials - Cleaning Supply Chemicals & Equipment For Industrial, Wholesale & Commercial Markets

  • Spray Nine Corporation - Manufacturer of Industrial Cleaners, Industrial Degreasers & Specialty Cleaning Chemicals

  • B&Y International Limited - Supplier of Reliable Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners

  • Metroplex Waste, Inc. - Manufacturer & Global Supplier of Wiping Cloths, Rags & Reclaimed Textiles

  • SafetyPig - Distributor Of Industrial Sorbents For Oil Spill Cleanup, Oil Mats, Pads, Safety Supplies...

  • Ameco - Supplier of Industrial Belts, Washers, Presses, Dry Cleaning Equipment, Washing Machines & More

  • Wysiwash - Manufacturer & Supplier of Cleaning Equipment, Sanatizers & Cleaning Systems

  • Redico Industrial Supply, Inc - Supplier of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Safety & Maintenance Supplies

  • HafcoVac - Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Vacuums, HEPA & Wet / Dry Vacuums

  • Sweeperland - Distributor of Sweepers, Scrubbers & Other Industrial Cleaning Equipment

  • Alfakleen Chemical Labs - Manufacturer of Biodegradable Cleaning Products, Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc. - Supplier of Condenser Cleaning Sponge Balls (Spongeballs) & Power Generation Supplies

  • MART Parts Washers - Manufacturer of Industrial Parts Washer & Aqueous Cleaners

  • ProSoap Inc. - Industrial Hand Cleaner, Scrub & Soaps To Clean & Heal Hands!

  • DREIGOT di DONDE CORRADO - Manufacturer of Chemical Spray Cleaning/Maintenance Products

  • LS Industries - Designs & Manufactures Metal Cleaning Equipment

  • Proceco Ltd. - Manufacturer Of Cleaning Equipment, Including Parts Washer, Spray Cleaners & Aqueous Parts Cleaning

  • W.P. & R.S. Mars Co. Supplier of a variety of cleaning equipment and supplies for industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • Latta Equipment Co., Inc. Supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, including central & portable vacuum systems, dust & debris cleaning equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Hydro Engineering Inc. Manufacturer & exporter of various hydroblaster pressure washers. [Company Profile]

  • HARPER BRUSH Manufacturer & exporter of hand-held, industrial-grade cleaning equipment, including brooms, handles, brushes & squeegees... [Company Profile]

  • Power Equipment Services, LLC US based supplier of cleaning equipment & maintenance supplies for industrial and commerical applications. [Company Profile]

  • AUTEC, Inc. Manufacturer Of Automatic Polishing & Washing Systems, Parts, Accessories & Chemicals For Cleaning Vehicles. [Company Profile]

  • Alkota Cleaning Systems Manufacturer & exporter of innovative, high pressure cleaning systems and equipment for manufacturing facilities, machine... [Company Profile]

  • Pierce Packaging Products, Inc. Supplier of a variety of janitorial supplies and cleaning products for industrial & commercial applications. [Company Profile]

  • Atlantic Paper & Twine Company Supplier of industrial cleaning supplies and equipment. [Company Profile]

  • 3i International Manufacturer and designer of cleaning equipment and cleaning systems for various industrial applications. [Company Profile]

  • Jensen Fabricating Engineers, Inc. Manufacturer Of Spray Washers & Aqueous Parts For A Broad Range Of Cleaning Applications. [Company Profile]

  • Graymills Corporation Manufacturer Of Parts Cleaning Equipment & Various Cleaning Products For Industrial & Graphic Arts Markets. [Company Profile]

  • Stoelting ISO 9000 Manufacturer & Designer Of Parts Cleaning Equipment For General Industrial, Semi-Conductor Packaging & Electronics... [Company Profile]

  • Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp. Manufactures Quality Pressure Washers & Equipment For Industrial, Military & Government Markets. [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Intermop - Manufacturer & Exporter Of Industrial Cleaning Equipment As Well As Window & Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Blasting S.A. - Manufacturer of Blasting Equipment, Pressure Blast Systems, Blast Rooms & Allied Equipment

  • Spill Direct Limited - Supplier of Spill Prevention Solutions Such As Spill Kits, Absorbents & Other Spill Control Equipment

  • Cleaning and Catering Direct - Supplier of Cleaning Supplies, Janitorial Equipment & Hygiene Products

  • World Of Clean - Supplier of Cleaning Equipment, Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies

  • Solution UK Ltd - Cleaning Supplies & Cleaning Equipment Distributor

  • Process Support Products - Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Systems & Central Cleaning Centres

  • ESMA, Inc. Supplier of aqueous ultrasonic cleaning equipment and stainless steel electropolishing equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Sugino Corp. Manufacturer Of Robotic High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer For Cleaning And Washing Of Various Shaped Parts... [Company Profile]

  • Geerpres, Inc. Manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, supplies & equipment for hotel, restaurant, hospital, cafeteria, janitorial & hotel... [Company Profile]

  • Proceco, Inc. ISO 9001 & QS-9000TE certified canadian manufacturer & exporter of Aqueous Cleaning Systems. [Company Profile]

  • Zenith Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Manufacturer & Exporter Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment From 1/2 Gallon To 3500 Gallons. [Company Profile]

  • Sani-Matic, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Pre-Engineered Cleaning Equipment And Sanitation Systems. [Company Profile]

  • Ransohoff Corp. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & exporter of standard and custom cleaning equipment. [Company Profile]

  • John R. Robinson, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Cleaning Equipment. Product line includes condenser and heat exchanger tools... [Company Profile]

  • DISA Goff, Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer & exporter of airless abrasive blast cleaning equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, Including Industrial Parts Washing Systems, Washing Machinery, Parts Drying Equipment... [Company Profile]

  • Massco, Inc. Supplier of janitorial equipment, supplies and chemicals. [Company Profile]

  • Air Cleaning Equipment, Inc. Air Purification System experts offering equipment to clean air in industrial environments. [Company Profile]

  • Everblast Products North & South American supplier of abrasive blast cleaning nozzles to a wide range of steel surface preparation & maintenance... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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