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Textiles Directory & Guide

North America

  • Duchess Designs LLC - US-Based Textile Cutting Contract Manufacturer Specializing In All Cloth & Fabric Cutting Services

  • East Coast Textiles - Sewing Manufacturer Offering Competitive Prices & Quick Turnaround On Sewing Services

  • Biomedical Structures LLC - Manufacturer of Biomedical Textiles (Woven Non-Woven, Knitted & Braided) For Surgical & Medical Applications.

  • Atlantis Fabrics - Supplier of Cotton Fabrics, Quilting Fabrics, Velvet, Drapery & Other Fabrics

  • Metroplex Waste, Inc. - Wiping Cloths, Rags and Reclaimed Textiles Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Atlantis Fabrics - Supplier of Silk Fabric, Cotton, Velvet, Fur, Fleece, Craft & Other Fabrics

  • Industrial Curtains - Manufacturer of Industrial Curtains, Equipment Covers, Truck Tarps & Other Coverings

  • Tarpaflex US LLC - Tarpaulins Supplier Offering A Wide Range of Tarps

  • Contender U.S. Inc - Manufacturer Of Specialty Techincal Fabrics - Dyed & Coated Polyesters...

  • Raymonds Textiles - Wholesale Supplier of Textiles & Fabrics In Many Colors & Styles For Various Applications.

  • SPC Mfg. Company Manufacturer of custom sewn products made of nylon, canvas, leather and vinyl materials. [Company Profile]

  • Bearse Mfg. Co. US Manufacturer & importer of canvas items and custom sewn products such as canvas bags, pouches, cases, duffles, kits... [Company Profile]

  • Duracote Corp. Manufacturer & exporter of coated fabrics, laminated fabrics and cloth materials. [Company Profile]

  • Tarps & Tie-Downs Manufacturer and supplier of custom canvas items. [Company Profile]

  • Aetna Felt Corp. ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of felt sheet, woven felt, pressure sensitive felts, craft felts, channel, needled felts... [Company Profile]

  • Applied Fabric Technologies Supplier of engineered textiles, including shrink fit roll felt covers, high-temperature resistant conveyor belts... [Company Profile]

  • Monarch Textiles Sells needle punched felt products for a broad range of industries. [Company Profile]

  • The Carnegie Textile Co. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier A Wide Range Of Medical Textiles And Other Textile Products For Use In Health... [Company Profile]

  • Mountain Road Textiles Manufacturer and supplier of industrial textiles and industrial fabrics such as kevlar, cotton, flannels, nylon, narrow... [Company Profile]

  • Gross Kobrick Corporation Supplier, importer & exporter of various fabrics for industrial, apparel, retail towels, institutional, linens and home furnishings... [Company Profile]

  • Apex Mills Corp. Manufacturer & Suppliers of Spacer & Tricot Fabrics, Yarns & Netting Mesh For Industrial... [Company Profile]

  • Green Textile Associates South Carolina Based Manufacturer Of Circular & Warp Knitted Fabrics For Industrial, Medical, Apparel, Automotive, Juvenile, Consumer... [Company Profile]

  • Fabrite Laminating Corporation Specializing in Textile Laminating/Bonding & Fabric Finishing For Innumberable Industries, End-Products & Related Applications. [Company Profile]

  • Noah Lamport, Inc. California (US) based global distributor of ballistic nylon, Kevlar® & Nomex® fabrics for race car driver uniforms... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • British Felt Company - Manufacturer & Exporter Of Industrial Felts, Adhesive Backed Felts & Allied Products

  • AK Pamuk Tekstil Kozmetik Ltd. - Manufacturer of Cotton Buds Utilizing Fully Automated Machinery To Produce Quality Cotton Buds

  • Vita Industrial Polymers - Manufacturer of Coated Fabrics For Waterproofing, Product Protection & Coated Fabrics For Other Applications

  • Briggs Textile Manufacturer of Cotton And Synthetic Textiles For Industrial, Apparel & Medical Applications. [Company Profile]

  • Industrial Energy Products, Inc. Manufacturer & global supplier of high temperature insulation and fire protection textiles. [Company Profile]

  • Top Value Fabrics, Inc. Manufacturer, Supplier & Importer Of Canvas, Polyester Fabric, Nylon, Vinyl And Acrylic. [Company Profile]

  • US Felt Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer & Importer Of Felt. Produces a complete line of felt densisites using a broad range of fibers. [Company Profile]

  • Metric Felt Co., Inc. Manufacturer, Supplier, Fabricator & Engineering Of Industrial Felt, Non-Metallics & Textiles For Industry. [Company Profile]

  • Malik Industries, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Needled Felts And Nonwoven Composites For Industrial, Construction, Filtration, Roofing... [Company Profile]

  • BGF Industries, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, supplier & exporter of high temperature textiles, fiberglass and slicia... [Company Profile]

  • Phifer Wire Products, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Exporter Of oven Industrial Textiles & Woven Mesh Fabrics. [Company Profile]

  • Gosport Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Canvas, Polyethylene And Vinyl Tarpaulins. Including Athletic Field Covers, Truck Covers... [Company Profile]

  • Weckworth-Langdon Manufacturer & design of canvas tents that are flame resistant & water repellent, as well as tarps, canopies... [Company Profile]

  • Ehmke Manufacturing Co., Inc. ISO 9001 (2000) Registered Manufacturer of Custom Cases, Tarpaulins, Straps & Webbing, Acoustical Blankets, Canvas Bags... [Company Profile]

  • Humphrys' Textile Products Co. Offers a Broad Range of Plain & Treated Duck & Canvas Industrial Fabrics, as well as Woven Poly, Vinyl/Nylon & Mesh and... [Company Profile]

  • M.J. Cahn Co.Inc. Sells a broad range of solid color fabrics, including wool, cotton, polyester blends, & nylons. [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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