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Cable & Wire Directory & Guide

North America

  • igus - Manufacturer of Cables, Cable Carrier Systems, Bearings & Allied Equipment

  • Abbott Wire - Supplier of Hook-Up Wire, Coaxial Cable & Other Electrical Wire & Cable

  • BMA Metals Group - Supplier of Nickel Alloy Wire, Stainless Steel Wire & Other Specialty Metal Products

  • Cable X-Perts, Inc. - Supplier of Standard & Custom Coax Cable Assemblies & Allied Products

  • JSC Wire & Cable - Manufacturer of Electronic Wire, Coaxial Cable and Other Wire and Cable Products

  • James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation - Massachusetts-Based Bulk Manufacturer of Insulated Wire & Cable

  • Allied Wire & Cable - Supplier of Electrical Wire & Cable Offering 30,000+ Kinds of Wire, Cable & Allied Products

  • Micro-Coax - Manufacturer of Custom Coaxial Assemblies, Low Loss Cable and Allied Equipment

  • SSI Manufacturing Technologies Corp. - Designs & Manufactures CNC and Wire EDM Machined Custom Components & Assemblies

  • USS Wire Die - Manufacturer Specializing In Wire Die, Wire Drawing & Wire Die Drawing

  • First Capitol Wire & Cable Company - Manufacturer Of A Wide Range Of High Temperature & Ultra High Temperature Wire, Cable & Other Products

  • iR Cables, Inc - Designer & Manufacturer of Custom Made Wire & Cable

  • Malin Company - Manufacturer & Distributor of Wire, Including Industrial, Aerospace, Medical, Jewelry, Fishing Wire & Safety Lockwire

  • Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc. Manufacturer and designer of specialty cable & wire rope that is fine sized stand and utilizing ferrous & non ferrous metals. [Company Profile]

  • Commonwealth Metal Corp. Manufacturer & distributor of a wide range of metal products, including wire, blanks, rod, bar, circles, profile, tubes, foil... [Company Profile]

  • Conch Co. Supplier of electrical cables for marine, audio and offshore applications. [Company Profile]

  • Northwire, Inc. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and designer of electronic cables, including custom and standard electronic cables. [Company Profile]

  • Rapid Conn, Inc. Manufacturer of computer wire, computer cable and related wire & cable accessories. [Company Profile]

  • RDS Wire & Cable, Inc. ISO 9000 & AS9100 certified manufacturer of electrical wire and electronic wire produced to meet aerospace and military... [Company Profile]

  • Wickwire Warehouse, Inc. Supplier of a variety of wire, including galvanized wire, bright wire & black annealed wire available in a wide range of sizes. [Company Profile]

  • American Wire Group Distributor of a variety of wires for industrial, wind power, fiber optic, residential, commercial & utility applications. [Company Profile]

  • Astro Industries, Inc. ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer & distributor of multi-pair cables and multi-conductor cables. [Company Profile]

  • Outokumpu Copper Valleycast, LLC ISO 9000 Manufacturer Of Copper Alloy Wire. Including Non-Leaded, Continuously Cast Round Copper Alloy Wire. [Company Profile]

  • California Fine Wire Co. Ultra fine electronic wire manufacturer made from various metals & their alloys in small, large or special sizes... [Company Profile]

  • Bob Martin Co. Approved wire & alloy source for many aerospace industries. Manufactures over 200 alloys to meet a broad range of... [Company Profile]

  • Wheeler Industrial Corp. Manufactures Flat, Round & Shaped Metal Rods, Pins & Wire In Copper, Nickel Silver, Brass & Bronze Alloys available in... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • Zafer Kablo San Tic A.S. - Manufacturer of XLPE Cables and Other Low Voltage PVC Cables For Industry

  • Fastlink Data Cables Ltd. - Manufacturer of Custom Cables, Communications Cable, Custom Cable Assemblies & Allied Products

  • PDQ Wire Rope - Manufacturer & Supplier of Wire Rope, Steel Wire Ropes, Crane Rope, Stainless Steel Rope...

  • Eximat - Supplier of Cable Armoring Products & Other Raw Materials For Cable Manufacturing Industry

  • Atlantic Wire Co. Manufacturer of cold-heading quality, annealed, steel & specialty wire and processed rod for fasteners. [Company Profile]

  • Erisco Industries Inc. Manufactures and supplies steel wire, including coils, cut-to-length & straightened steel wire. [Company Profile]

  • Fort Wayne Metals ISO 9000 certified & FDA registered manufacturer & exporter of medical wire. [Company Profile]

  • Major Wire, Inc. ISO 9002 & QS 9000 Manufacturer Of Redrawn Wire. [Company Profile]

  • Phoenix Wire, Inc. Manufacturer & exporter of microminiature wire & flexible cables for electronics, packaging and medical applications. [Company Profile]

  • A-1 Wire Tech, Inc. ISO 9002 Certified Manufacturer & Exporter Of Wire And Rod In Stainless Steel, High-Temperature Alloys & Nickel Base Alloys. [Company Profile]

  • JEM Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of cable & electromechanical assemblies, custom cables & wire harnesses. [Company Profile]

  • Fortune Rope & Metal Co., Inc. Manufacturer & Supplier Of Stainless And Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Nylon And Plastic Coated Cable, Wire Rope... [Company Profile]

  • Aerospace Systems ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Custom Electrical Cable Assemblies Engineered For Industrial, Military, Aerospace... [Company Profile]

  • Lexco Cable Manufacturers Manufacturer & Exporter Of Custom Wire Rope Assemblies. [Company Profile]

  • FlexOne ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer of various electronic components & parts for high tech industries. [Company Profile]

  • Loos & Co., Inc. Manufacturer of Mechanical & Electromechanical Cables & Wire, Including Stainless Steel Wire, Cable & Wire Rope, Galvanized... [Company Profile]

  • D Mac International Supplier of hard to find & obsolete tape & reeling, cable harnesses & assemblies. [Company Profile]

  • LAPP USA Sells a wide selection of cable products & accessories, including EPIC® multi-pin rectangular and pin & sleeve connectors... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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