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Adhesives & Sealants Directory & Guide

North America

  • DYMAX Corporation - Manufacturer of UV Curing Adhesives, UV Curing Resins and Allied Products

  • Chenso, Inc. - Manufacturer Of Adhesives & Sealants Providing Custom Formulations and Master Batches

  • Ellsworth Adhesives - Leading International Supplier Of Adhesives, Conformal Coatings, Encapsulants & Allied Products

  • Advanced Repair Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of Flexible Epoxy Repair Compounds, Wood Epoxy & Associated Products

  • Gluesticks Direct - Manufacturer of Glue Sticks, Hot Melt Glue Guns, Hot Melt Glue Stick & Allied Products

  • Southern Ocean Sealcoating - Line Striping, Asphalt Resurfacing & Sealcoating Contractor

  • April Industrial Investments Inc. - Leading Manufacturer Of Adhesives & Glues

  • Epoxies Etc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of adhesives, including metal bonding adhesives, epoxy, ultraviolet & structural adhesives... [Company Profile]

  • Scapa North America ISO 9000 & ISO 9002 Certified Manufacturer Of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Films... [Company Profile]

  • Heigl Technologies Custom Manufacturer & Distributor of Adhesives, Including Cyanacrylate Adhesives, Anaerobic Adhesives, Epoxies... [Company Profile]

  • A.S.A.P. Technologies, Inc. Supplier Of Sealants, Adhesives, Silicones & Tapes for various markets such as electrical, moldmaking, military, industrial... [Company Profile]

  • PFI Polyfreeze, Inc. Manufacturer & supplier of a variety of adhesives for industrial, commercial, military, aerospace, construction... [Company Profile]

  • NYLOK Corp. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer of Chemical Adhesives & Fastener Coatings With Self Sealing And Seal Locking Features. [Company Profile]

  • Bemis Associates, Inc. Custom Manufacturer & Exporter Of Adhesives, Coatings, Heat Sealed Adhesive Films & Tapes. [Company Profile]

  • AMR Industries, Inc. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited manufacturer and supplier of custom adhesives for military and aerospace applications. [Company Profile]

  • Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. ISO 9001 & ISO 9000 certified producer of high quality sealants and adhesives for appliance, ammunition, defense... [Company Profile]

  • One Source Distributor of a variety of hot melt adhesive products for bonding wood and plastics products.2:03 PM 3/29/2006 [Company Profile]

  • Camie-Campbell, Inc. ISO 9000 manufacturer of adhesives & specialty chemicals in aerosol & bulk form for injection molding, construction, furniture, maintenance... [Company Profile]

  • BondPro Corp. Adhesives Manufacturer Offering A Broad Range Of Products For Military & Defense, Electronics, Medical, Aerospace, Dairy & Computer... [Company Profile]

  • Henkel Loctite Corporation ISO 9000 Manufacturer & Global Supplier Of Adhesives, Gasketing Materials & Sealants, Coatings, Epoxies, Potting & Encapsulants Compunds... [Company Profile]

  • MLT/Micro-Lite Technology Manufacturing rapid cure adhesives for fast and strong bonding applications. Including encapsulants, printing inks, adhesives... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • ACC Silicones Ltd - Leading Manufacturer of Silicone Based Materials, Silicone Adhesive Sealants & Allied Products

  • Intek Adhesives Ltd - Supplier of RTV Silicone Sealants, High Temperature Sealants & Silicone Glue

  • Flextape Adesive Tape - Adesive Tapes, Thermo-Reflective, Flexible Packs & Labels Manufacturer & Exporter

  • Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas, Inc Manufactures & markets polyurethane, epoxy & methacrylate structural adhesives for assembly and bonding... [Company Profile]

  • Accumetric, LLC ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier Of Adhesives, Lubricants, Sealants & Various Chemicals. [Company Profile]

  • Elmer's Products, Inc. Manufactures A Broad Range Of Instant Adhesives (Cyanoacrylate), Primers & Adhesion Promoters. [Company Profile]

  • Slocum Adhesives Corp. Adhesives Manufacturer For Industrial, Sheet Metal, Packaging, Construction, Clothing, Footwear, Marine, Automotive... [Company Profile]

  • OSI Sealants, Inc. Manufacturer & Exporter Of Adhesives, Sealants, Wood Patching Pastes & Caulks. [Company Profile]

  • All Seals Adhesive Division Manufacturer & Supplier Of Aerosol Adhesives (VOC Compliant) For Construction, Packaging, Furniture... [Company Profile]

  • SP & S Supplier Of A Broad Range Of Silicone, Epoxy & Polyurethane Sealants & Adhesives. [Company Profile]

  • Sika Corporation ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Polyurethane Sealants & Adhesives. [Company Profile]

  • Magnolia Plastics, Inc. ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer & Exporter Of Epoxy Based Sealants, Adhesives & Compounds. [Company Profile]

  • Microseal Company Manufacturer Of Coatings & Sealants Engineered To Protect/Seal Non-Ferrous & Porous Ferrous Metals. [Company Profile]

  • Aron Alpha / Elmer's Manufacturer of adhesives, adhesive promoters and primers for polyolefine plastics. [Company Profile]

  • Henkel Corporation Manufactures an extensive range of LoctiteŽ brand adhesives, sealants, coatings, and equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Tyco Adhesives & Plastics Manufactures adhesives and corrosion resistant tapes for automotive, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, aerospace, medical... [Company Profile]

  • On-Hand Adhesives Manufacturer of urethanes, UV adhesives, water based adhesives, instant adhesives, methacrylates, PUR hot melts, release... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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