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Abrasives Directory & Guide

North America

  • ABS Gloves & Abrasives - Suppler Of Sanding Belts, Sand Papers, Grinding Wheels & Other Abrasives and Allied Products

  • Pressure Blast Mfg. Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of Wet & Dry Abrasive Blast Equipment, Blast Machines & Associated Products

  • AA Abrasives, Inc. - Supplier of Abrasive Products Such As Sanding Belts, Dynabrade Tools, Grinding Discs & Other Abrasives

  • Lehigh Valley Abrasives - Supplier of Flap Discs & Wheels, Abrasive Cutoff Wheels & Abrasive Belts

  • Abrasives Oasis - Supplier of Abrasives, Sanding Belts, Discs, Sandpaper, Sheets & Related Products

  • Ultrajet Waterjet Supplies - Supplier of Complete Abrasive Waterjet Machine System & Major Components

  • Ultramatic Equipment Co. - Manufacturer of Mass Finishing Media & Vibratory Deburring Equipment

  • Rhodes Mktg & Deburring Info Center - Supplier of Deburring Media, Equipment & Deburring Supplies

  • Dynalloy Industries, Inc. - Manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide and Buyers of Tungsten Carbide Scrap Metal

  • Philadelphia Carbide Co. - Precision Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide & Ceramic Products Manufacturer

  • Lake Shore Carbide - USA Made High Quality Carbide Tooling Manufacturer

  • Wheelabrator Abrasives, Inc - Manufacturer of High Quality Cast Steel Shot & Grit Abrasives

  • Electro Abrasives Corp. - Electro Abrasives Corp.- High Quality Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide

  • Raloid Tool Company, Incorporated - Manufacturer Of Friction, Ferrite & Compoite Materials

  • Abrasive Brokers & Tool Supply Abrasives distributor offering a variety of abrasive tools, grinding wheels, surplus abrasives & supplies. [Company Profile]

  • U.K. Abrasives ISO 9002 & NQA1 certified manufacturer & exporter of superabrasives & abrasive powders. [Company Profile]

  • Cratex Manufacturing Co., Inc. ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of silicon carbide abrasives, finishing equipment and metal finishing media. [Company Profile]

  • CGW, Camel Grinding Wheels, USA ISO 9002 certified manufacturers & exporters of grinding wheels, cutting discs and other abrasives. [Company Profile]

  • Micro Abrasives Corp. Manufacturer and supplier of a full range of precision abrasive powders for grinding, polishing & lapping applications. [Company Profile]

  • Richmond Industrial Supply Co., Inc. US based supplier of coated abrasives and deburring products. [Company Profile]

  • Beacut Abrasives Manufacturer and supplier of various abrasive products, including cutting wheels, cloth paper, grinding wheels, diamonds... [Company Profile]

  • Sutton Garten Co. Supplier of abrasives and used industrial equipment since 1918. [Company Profile]

  • The Walter A. Wood Supply Co., Inc. Distributor & manufacturers' representatives of abrasive products and industrial equipment. [Company Profile]

  • Bluegrass Industrial Sales Co., Inc. Supplier of abrasive belts and abrasive discs, specializing in solide carbide gun drills, solid carbide micro drills, cutting tools... [Company Profile]

  • Norton Abrasives Major Abrasives Manufacturer offering a complete line of Diamond Dressing Tools & Sharpening Stones, Grinding Wheels, SuperAbrasives... [Company Profile]

  • 3M Abrasive Systems Division ISO 9002, QS 9000 Manufacturer & Supplier Of Every Day Abrasives For Metal, Wood & Other Applications. Including A Complete Line Of... [Company Profile]

  • Greenhill Supply, LLC Manufacturer Of Coated & Bonded Abrasives Tools, Equipment & Accessories For Blasting, Grinding, Buffing, Tumbling, Polishing, Lapping... [Company Profile]

  • Flexovit USA, Inc. ISO 9000 Manufacturer Of Abrasives For Power Tools. Including Grinding & Cutoff Wheels, Flap Wheels & Discs, Sandng Discs, Sheet & Belts... [Company Profile]
UK, Europe & Australia

  • International Group Minerals (IGM) - Supplier Of Abrasives Such As Garnet Sand For Waterjet / Sandblasting & Other Abrasives

  • S+G Abrasives Ltd - Supplier of Bonded, Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Non-Woven & Other Abrasive Products

  • PolyDisc New Zealand Ltd - Manufacturer of Flexible Abrasive Discs, Grinding Discs, Rust Remover Discs and Allied Abrasives

  • Carborundum Abrasives Inc. Carborundum Abrasives Incorporated Sells A Full Line Of Grinding Wheels, SuperAbrasives... [Company Profile]

  • Washington Mills Electro Minerals Corp. Washington Mills is a manufacturer of electro-fused minerals for a broad range of industries and appplications. [Company Profile]

  • Composition Materials Co., Inc. Manufacturer & Supplier Of Abrasives, Fillers and Extenders For Industry. [Company Profile]

  • Cratex Mfg. Co., Inc. ISP 9000 Certified Manufacturer Of Rubberized Abrasives For Smoothing, Deburring And Polishing... [Company Profile]

  • Uneeda Enterprises, Inc. ISO Certified Manufacturer Of Coated Abrasives In Narrow and Wide Belts. [Company Profile]

  • Eagle Grinding Wheel Chicago, Illinois (US) Based Manufacturer Of Grinding Wheels And Abrasive Products. [Company Profile]

  • Finishing Systems Manufacturer & Supplier Of Metal Finishing Equipment & Finishing Abrasives. [Company Profile]

  • Tennessee Abrasive, Inc. Abrasive Manufactuer & Exporter Established In 1990. Offers Abrasive Honing And SuperFinishing Stones... [Company Profile]

  • Abrasive Express Offers Sanding And Non-Woven Belts, Sheets, Discs And Sanding Equipment. [Company Profile]

  • VSM Abrasives Coated Abrasives Manufacturer Offering Cutting, Bonded, Honing & Diamond Wheel Abrasives. [Company Profile]

  • AGSCO Corp. Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of abrasives & sandblasting equipment and supplies. [Company Profile]

  • ANSNO Engineers, manufactures and sells abrasive belts from 1/8 in. to 60 in. widths. [Company Profile]

  • Speedfam Manufacturer & supplier of thru-feed grinders and flat machining equipment for extremely close tolerance applications. [Company Profile]

  • Pferd, Inc. Manufacturers a wide range of abrasive tools, including flexible metal cleaning tools, machinists' files, sharpening files, rasps... [Company Profile]

  • Grier Abrasive manufacturer of abrasive products such as internal wheels, segments, stones, burs, grinder components... [Company Profile]
Asia & Middle East

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